Gone with the Wynns

Gone with the Wynns

Hello. We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn, a couple of perpetual travelers, Sailors, RV’ers and modern day documentarians. This is the home of our discoveries and adventures all depicting the unscripted tale of how we traded in everyday life to satisfy our wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.

We have an irrefutable desire to search, explore, discover, grow, learn and of course share…we share in hopes of inspiring you to find your next adventure; whether it’s a long weekend or a perpetual one like ours!

You can learn a lot more about us on our website: gonewiththewynns.com


  • Alias Jim Wirth
    Alias Jim Wirth9 hours ago

    Love the homestead. They have created a wonderful place there. Hope they can get visitors again soon. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Denise Wade
    Denise Wade9 hours ago


  • Dennis Breckner
    Dennis Breckner9 hours ago

    Ok, I still like the red one.

  • JP'sFitnessJourney
    JP'sFitnessJourney9 hours ago

    Nikki that swimsuit you were wearing to dive is AWESOME...!!!!

  • Denise Wade
    Denise Wade9 hours ago

    We ❤️ the Zatara Family ❤️. You are great people and so are they!!! Great videos!!!

  • Denise Wade
    Denise Wade9 hours ago

    Wow…. I have happy tears! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lenny Degiorgio
    Lenny Degiorgio10 hours ago

    How you guys got 256 thumbs down is beyond me. I liked your video and you guys are living a life many dream to. Good for you.

  • Alan Izat
    Alan Izat10 hours ago

    I’ve been in awe of the pure beauty of the Kingdom of Tonga. I worry that the next generation will look back on these videos as sad reminders of the nation before ocean rise impacts them completely. Thank you for letting us ride along!

  • Lincoln Grayson
    Lincoln Grayson10 hours ago

    Are there any snakes on those islands?

  • Andrew Atkinson
    Andrew Atkinson10 hours ago

    That reef in the shots about 3:30 doesn't look very healthy. Is this just the dulling of the colours because of the low light or is it in pretty bad shape?

  • Tom Riley
    Tom Riley11 hours ago

    Well that explains one reason why the Tongans are good at Rugby :-)!

  • ae4xo
    ae4xo11 hours ago

    sorry i got distracted by the beauty

  • Tom Riley
    Tom Riley11 hours ago

    Lovely video! What relaxed horses :-)! Lovely place :-)! (Incase you were wondering - toilets were great to see and good to see the chips being appropriately named too :-)!)

  • Randal Colvin
    Randal Colvin11 hours ago

    reminds me of "Taylor camp" in the 70's on north kauai.

  • Eric Fox
    Eric Fox11 hours ago

    Absolutely remarkable Thank you....

  • Sabrina Jacobs
    Sabrina Jacobs12 hours ago

    I would go and never come back.

  • green eyed cat
    green eyed cat13 hours ago

    do not watch this if you,re over 50, you will only wonder what you did with you,re life ! .

  • vishnu madhu
    vishnu madhu13 hours ago

    Enjoyed your video guys! You picked superb soundtracks! Next time, can you record the spontaneous things too? Like fishing Mahi Mahi. More cameras might help?

  • Joe Burrr
    Joe Burrr13 hours ago

    Damn right you're lucky, damn right!!!

  • yoza717
    yoza71713 hours ago

    Survivor 101....Don't spit it out. 😆

  • oddo pops
    oddo pops13 hours ago


  • bbbart77
    bbbart7714 hours ago

    I can't imagine all the jocks in Jason's high school class with their tongues hanging out watching this and wondering how this could have happened. You go [email protected]

  • Mary VanCompernolle
    Mary VanCompernolle9 hours ago

    Don't let his skinny body trick you into thinking he wasn't a jock. He didn't play American football but he was a very talented baseball and soccer player, skier, snowboarder, and about anything else he wanted to do. Nikki just pushed him a little harder to do the things she wanted to do. Who wouldn't push harder if you had Nikki in love with you???!!! Mom

  • 2021
    202114 hours ago


  • Kevin Carey
    Kevin Carey14 hours ago

    Awesome episode guys. Glen and Karen's resort is amazing. Fair Wynns and Following Seas Curiosity.

  • Gmama 10
    Gmama 1014 hours ago

    God is in charge of nature. Just to correct you. You guys know that. I pray God would draw you to HIM. THANK YOU Jesus for this couple.

  • Andy P!
    Andy P!14 hours ago

    I love it ! Electric power is seeping into all facets of our lives ...for the good. Thank you for a very informative video, you're both a joy to watch.

  • Melissa Reid
    Melissa Reid14 hours ago

    Glad your save and you've made your destination. 💝🙏💝 prayers for you and your family love you guys,Thank you for sharing your adventure!!

  • John Raisbeck
    John Raisbeck15 hours ago

    Get out of Quarantine yet?

  • Brian Joyce
    Brian Joyce15 hours ago

    As interesting as any, thx Wynns. I look forward to your NZ excursions. A destination I aspire to.

  • Mark Sierra
    Mark Sierra15 hours ago

    I'm confessing my crush on Dior Shane.What a lively women so in touch with her inner natural self.

  • Rory O'Connor
    Rory O'Connor15 hours ago

    If i had those 2 ladies on my boat,I would find a deserted island too and scuttle the boat🤡

  • Francis Vincent Cabalatungan
    Francis Vincent Cabalatungan16 hours ago

    That savage nikki is a beautiful person 🥰

  • Steve McKenzie
    Steve McKenzie16 hours ago

    What do the Wynn's do for a living? They LIVE for a living!!! What a dinner, love it!!!

  • Shawn Greenwood
    Shawn Greenwood16 hours ago

    Jason has not lost any of his high quality camera work.

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez16 hours ago

    Amazing. Love your videos. So my 3 year daughter is obsessed with Moana and when you were describing the old style of navigation "you don't know where your are going unless you know where you have been" was literally out of the movie. So cool wish you the best.

  • doowroh
    doowroh17 hours ago

    OMG, she's back! again. Dang, we are lucky. More of her please, like a solid VLOG, just her.

  • Gone with the Wynns
    Gone with the Wynns12 hours ago

    She has her own IG and YT channels.... Curious Minion

  • bethells86
    bethells8618 hours ago

    Well done, that is one of the toughest trips in any sailors book. Hopefully be able to meet and pick your brains on some L43 technical detail, our manual is missing electrical drawings.

  • ForkInTheRoad
    ForkInTheRoad18 hours ago

    Does Nikki know you have to blow out to laugh not suck in?

  • dash4eva
    dash4eva18 hours ago

    Thanks for another amazing episode

  • Agust
    Agust18 hours ago

    I’m 53 years old and It’s weird but after watching a lot of your videos I’d say Jason reminds me of a friend from school and Nikki reminds me of a super nice young mom, hahaha… lots of love from a fan.

  • Darren Leask
    Darren Leask19 hours ago

    Great vlog guys

  • Nick Pace
    Nick Pace19 hours ago

    Seriously cute daughter

  • Jeanette Davies
    Jeanette Davies19 hours ago

    Great story about the bat, Cyril is such a beautiful gentle soul bless him.

  • Sausage
    Sausage19 hours ago

    You guys really are great videographers! I hope NZ is treating you well and you've had a swim in some hot pools already!

  • Wong Fu
    Wong Fu20 hours ago

    Nikki it seems like you never had a tan from the ☀ and I was happy listening to island music. This episode I will watch it 3 times cause I didn't want it to finish. Omg the scenery and your drone is amazing! What a wonderful episode thank you guys. I want more of Ha'apai. Amazing island shores!!

  • spunky cat
    spunky cat20 hours ago

    This episode was the perfect blend of all the best things: dogs, the sound of water, cool music, perfect beach shots, ocean creatures, truly amazing locals (will miss Dior), the GARDEN was so spectacular, cabin tours, I could watch the garden and making food from it nonstop.

  • Shaun V Scott
    Shaun V Scott21 hour ago

    I missed this one too. Sweet falls!

  • Ron Stacy
    Ron Stacy21 hour ago

    Do you need any special licenses to fish?

  • Gone with the Wynns
    Gone with the Wynns12 hours ago

    Not 100% sure here, but in many countries your fishing "license" is including in your cruising permit. Curious Minion

  • Ron Stacy
    Ron Stacy21 hour ago

    I've completed your entire collection of your Cook Islands videos. So sad to leave. The scenery is awesome and inspiring to work to save the planet. I love what you're doing bringing the rest of the world visible to those of us that don't have this opportunity.

  • Ron Stacy
    Ron Stacy21 hour ago

    When you anchor at these remote islands, do you ever encounter locals that will scrub your hull?

  • Laurence Jun Valmoria
    Laurence Jun Valmoria21 hour ago

    So, can i sail to Australia and find an island there and up to me to set up my camp there and live there the rest of my life? 🤔🤔

  • Ron Stacy
    Ron Stacy22 hours ago

    When ever you deploy the spinnaker my emotions just soar.

  • The real Messias
    The real Messias22 hours ago

    Che bella cosa na jurnata 'e sole N'aria serena doppo na tempesta Pe' ll'aria fresca pare gia' na festa Che bella cosa na jurnata 'e sole Ma n'atu sole Cchiu' bello, oi ne' 'O sole mio Sta 'nfronte a te 'O sole, 'o sole mio Sta 'nfronte a te Sta 'nfronte a te Quanno fa notte e 'o sole se ne scenne Me vene quase 'na malincunia Sotto 'a fenesta toia restarria Quanno fa notte e 'o sole se ne scenne Ma n'atu sole Cchiu' bello, oi ne' 'O sole mio Sta 'nfronte a te 'O sole, 'o sole mio…

  • Julian
    Julian22 hours ago

    great drone shots... but YUCK to the bugs... and no need to be so uptight with/ashamed of your body (or misleading with your titles.) My least favorite of the several dozen videos I've watched on your channel... Have you noticed that you have a whopping 2k thumbs down (1 out of 8 people disliked it)? So clearly I'm not the only one to feel this way: in most of your videos, the thumbs downs are DWARFED by the thumbs up, and rightly so, imo. Most people don't like bugs, nor click-and-bait titles - as simple as that!

  • marian frances
    marian frances22 hours ago

    You're so brave! 👍😏🇨🇦

  • Terri Gross
    Terri Gross23 hours ago

    How do you rent one of there cabins, or did I hear you wrong! Do they rent them to the public, or not, because it would be difficult to get there??? Great footage...I always love your exploration underwater, and hiking! Especially love it when you catch fish!🐟🦀🦐🥂

  • Jeffrey Presley
    Jeffrey Presley23 hours ago

    Wow! Very cool place… would love to go Kite board there !

  • Doug McHarg
    Doug McHarg23 hours ago

    Nice underwater views. Thanks, I make snorkeling videos and I'm envying your locations and always looking forward to the next episode.

  • Skip Garrett
    Skip Garrett23 hours ago

    Classy! Been watching you guys since MH days and you have elevated your videos to a level that have captured me to the point that I can’t wait till the next adventure!

  • MandalorianFanboy
    MandalorianFanboy23 hours ago

    You guys are two badasses living amazing lives exploring the world.

  • lu tomson
    lu tomson23 hours ago

    Less of these places trolling for visitors and more sailing and exploring

  • Ominous Rooster
    Ominous Rooster23 hours ago

    Awesome garden. Love seeing what others are growing. Stay safe

  • Susie Arviso
    Susie Arviso23 hours ago

    Wear some clothes you nutcase.

  • MandalorianFanboy
    MandalorianFanboy23 hours ago

    $8500 for two non-citizens in quarantine? WTF? Do they make you stay at a Four Seasons resort?

  • Ross Adamthwaite
    Ross Adamthwaite23 hours ago

    : )

  • Speed Trapp 219 D
    Speed Trapp 219 DDay ago

    Dior is absolutely stunning my god she’s beautiful and such a tough cookie to made Jason look like a wimp with the 🥥 lol 😂

  • OneCupOfCoffee204
    OneCupOfCoffee204Day ago

    Can I ship them some seeds?

  • hrddrvto
    hrddrvtoDay ago

    Such beautiful islands. Love the off grid lifestyle. Hope you and Jason are doing ok in your quarantine in NZ. - Hugh

  • Robert Novack
    Robert NovackDay ago

    Your breast blog yet. Very nice.

  • Ron Stacy
    Ron StacyDay ago

    Watched an older video with lightning in the distance. With the mast being 60+ feet tall, how do you protect your vessel and yourselves from lightning strike?

  • makemoneyrelax
    makemoneyrelaxDay ago

    real proof it is all about money......drug companies dont care about people...just profits

  • T .T
    T .TDay ago

    Wish I could come sail with ya

  • Andy P!
    Andy P!Day ago

    I'll bet you wanted to stay on that beautiful little vegetable farm. Terrific tour... I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Frank Ladd
    Frank LaddDay ago

    Wonderful! Thanks!

  • KeyKeypr
    KeyKeyprDay ago

    14:19 Impressive "reversing-while-filming" skills there, Jason!

  • kari D.
    kari D.Day ago

    I love all the characters you introduce us to along the way. Dior really seems to be a special kinda chick! Not sure if she's into social media but I have a feeling if she was her channel would be An INSTANT SUCCESS!

  • Kraven Chaos
    Kraven Chaos20 hours ago

    She has Instagram DiorSheen

  • Arielle Davisson
    Arielle DavissonDay ago

    Loved this!! Happy Anniversary trip on the day before Summer Solstice

  • koffinkat666
    koffinkat666Day ago

    Well then, Basil Tov to you all.