Gone with the Wynns

Gone with the Wynns

Hello. We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn, a couple of perpetual travelers, Sailors, RV’ers and modern day documentarians. This is the home of our discoveries and adventures all depicting the unscripted tale of how we traded in everyday life to satisfy our wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.

We have an irrefutable desire to search, explore, discover, grow, learn and of course share…we share in hopes of inspiring you to find your next adventure; whether it’s a long weekend or a perpetual one like ours!

You can learn a lot more about us on our website: gonewiththewynns.com


  • Michele BUSHNIK
    Michele BUSHNIKHour ago

    Welcome home Wynns! Excited to watch the clean up!❤❤

  • Mark Waddey
    Mark WaddeyHour ago

    Jason, there are chickens looking for their legs. It would be nice if you gave them back.

  • Anne Macleod
    Anne Macleod2 hours ago

    Dolphins bring such cheer, don’ they!! I’m watching, feeling happy too, and it’s April 17, 2021!! 🇳🇿🇳🇿🐑🐑

  • Flatlander Fishing
    Flatlander Fishing2 hours ago

    How many Ukulele do you need and what is the cost we would love to help!

  • kelvin arreola
    kelvin arreola3 hours ago

    one of my favorite places to camp!

  • regie iris
    regie iris4 hours ago

    Nice take care pinoy

  • James Thomson
    James Thomson4 hours ago

    Such a high emotional time. What I cannot fathom is why people dislike you presentations?

  • Robbin Bailey
    Robbin Bailey4 hours ago

    ....and you guys are awesome!!!!

  • Robbin Bailey
    Robbin Bailey4 hours ago

    We totally join every week!!!

  • James Thomson
    James Thomson5 hours ago

    Started watching these earlier videos. Nikki sure handles a drone unit with expertise.

    SHADOW LIVING5 hours ago

    Humans: you can’t live with them and you can’t kill them. What’s a person to do?

  • Verteros
    Verteros5 hours ago

    look at a lantern blade wind generator. less noise, less chopped off hands (etc), no need for a swivel mount as it mounts with a vertical axis and can be installed at deck level with the generator and electronics under the deck

  • A R
    A R6 hours ago

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  • Bill Mahlerwein
    Bill Mahlerwein6 hours ago


  • Gordon Ring
    Gordon Ring7 hours ago

    ​Senator Richard Blumenthal and Rep D Matsui fired back at the plan to open cruising in July . Democrat lawmakers sent a letter to the CCD urging them to keep the conditional no-sail order in place.

  • T. T.
    T. T.7 hours ago

    Those bungalows are gorgeous! Will place this island on my visit list.

  • Tammy Hunter
    Tammy Hunter8 hours ago

    Oh my, that was painful RIP CLEO

  • Prophetess Taunya Raffle
    Prophetess Taunya Raffle8 hours ago

    Absolutely stunning little island and housing .. Ben & Lisa you have out done yourselves .. 💜

  • Mo Havie
    Mo Havie9 hours ago

    absolutely beautiful photography by Jason and great change of pace video.

  • Frater Fraxinus
    Frater Fraxinus9 hours ago

    Behold the power of video! You have literally saved someone's life. Thank you. You are angels.

  • Stanfran
    Stanfran9 hours ago

    6 months to live... 4 years later, dudes a beast. Bless you sir.

  • Francis Taylor
    Francis Taylor10 hours ago

    shorten the vids and less ads

  • Anthony Romo
    Anthony Romo11 hours ago

    It looked THRILLING! THANKS!!

  • KB Bryan
    KB Bryan12 hours ago


  • Logan
    Logan12 hours ago

    The girl is the yellow is gorgeous. That color looks really good on her.

  • Péter Farkas
    Péter Farkas13 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing these moments! Pictures are pretty nice and love the authenticity of your videos. Bless You Guys!

  • Michelle Dumont
    Michelle Dumont13 hours ago

    OMG!! Loved this "something different" video. You should do more on the subject of photography. Not that the sailing subject isn't interesting. Always informative...

  • Debbie Raby
    Debbie Raby13 hours ago

    We stopped at this beach in early May of 2014. There was just one other dinghy on the beach and the pigs did swim out to greet us. I did not leave our dinghy, had a few carrots to feed them. And then several large boats powered in with folks off cruise ships from Nassau. We promptly left, moved on. The same thing happened when we were at Allen Cay with the iguanas. We did not feed them but again, cruise ship folks were delivered, armed with sticks and grapes to feed the iguanas. Sad to hear about the pigs dying and I do agree with Jason’s summary.

  • Colin Stobbart
    Colin Stobbart14 hours ago

    B.O.A.T = B ung O n A nother T housand basically what it stands for. You soon learnt to do things yourself. I live on a narrowboat in the UK canals 63ft metal a lot of rust you have to be careful about as well as everything else.

  • Jeremiah Shaw
    Jeremiah Shaw14 hours ago

    Wow a country where you can leave your sh*t at your vehicle and it not get stolen from you.

  • Patrick Woods
    Patrick Woods14 hours ago

    Big boys and Girls

  • Mercy the hopeful woman
    Mercy the hopeful woman14 hours ago

    Nice content ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • steadman hall
    steadman hall16 hours ago

    Yay, absolutely stunning! It’s always amazing to push what you can do ( creatively) the beauty’s of Gods creations! It’s crazy!!! 🤗

  • Ari abad
    Ari abad17 hours ago

    Wow !! That was epic ! That was so well done !! Scary , well filmed !! Killer !! Awesome content !!! Love what you guys do !

  • The Begg Family Antics
    The Begg Family Antics17 hours ago

    That cave shot was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Happy Misfit
    Happy Misfit18 hours ago

    Clever people

  • Kris Vanaut
    Kris Vanaut18 hours ago

    Picture at 9.48 is Amazing, just love it.

  • pAbLiK PoKuZ
    pAbLiK PoKuZ18 hours ago


  • Bible Believer
    Bible Believer19 hours ago

    14:36 doesnt anyone see the huge faces in the clouds? Besides the cool island, would love to visit here.

  • pAbLiK PoKuZ
    pAbLiK PoKuZ19 hours ago

    ....nice haircu 4 yrs a go!t mam...☝❤✌👍😁

  • JCKR2
    JCKR219 hours ago

    Mmm - having a hot international model and his sexy wife to photograph surely helped. lol. Joke. LOVE this video.

  • pAbLiK PoKuZ
    pAbLiK PoKuZ19 hours ago


  • pAbLiK PoKuZ
    pAbLiK PoKuZ20 hours ago


  • Peter Sauer
    Peter Sauer20 hours ago

    To Purify your water tanks you should fill them up and then put 1/2 a gallon of Bleach into them and let them sit until your back then drain them off till they are dry again then rinse them out a.

  • Stephen
    Stephen20 hours ago

    That drone shot really showed how big that Manta Ray was. Loved the energy and that everyone is comfortable and spontaneous in front of the camera. Gold star for the editing on this one guys. A go to feel good video if I ever saw one.👌😀

  • Iridescent Jen
    Iridescent Jen21 hour ago

    aw itʻs so wonderful to see bocas as you make your approach. panama is one of my favorite places - i have fond memories of such kind people and beautiful land, from the mountains to the sea. (but those sand fleas/chitres @ bocas... oooh they left a lasting impression for weeks and months after!)

  • Onizuma13
    Onizuma1322 hours ago

    Right at 2:00 is the most beautiful shot i've seen in a video.

  • Peter Sauer
    Peter SauerDay ago

    Jason and Nicki where are the children?? Sailing Nahoa have a little girl named willma, it is time for you to start.

  • April S
    April SDay ago


  • pAbLiK PoKuZ
    pAbLiK PoKuZDay ago


  • Travel Fanatical
    Travel FanaticalDay ago

    Love the change in perspective. I was expecting photos of the cave when the video started and came away with a wow....great idea.

  • Fathom Woodworking
    Fathom WoodworkingDay ago

    And now you’re sailors in the South Pacific....

  • Lancer1157
    Lancer1157Day ago

    This location is paradise. Love the time you get to spend with your mom. Brought back memories of having my mom over for a few days at a time to our home. Times to cherish.

  • The Traveler
    The TravelerDay ago

    i saw the dinosaur!

  • Cj Herrington
    Cj HerringtonDay ago

    Your so calm for all that's needing repaired. Cute concert thanks guys. Feel better soon

  • Sally Wood
    Sally WoodDay ago

    I just spent two days kayaking in a swamp with alligators, but you could not pay me to go into that cave! And really really no way am I getting in the water! Beautiful video though, thanks!

  • Herr Blau
    Herr BlauDay ago

    With a women captain, it's not called a "cockpit' rather 'the box office' 😉

  • Julie H
    Julie HDay ago

    Stunning photography and videography. Love this video.

  • David Alexander
    David AlexanderDay ago

    nice photo picks

  • Stein Johansen
    Stein JohansenDay ago

    Have you ever concidered to sail in the norhtern latitudes, like the lovely couple of "Saling Uma" currently does?

  • Gone with the Wynns
    Gone with the Wynns13 hours ago

    Yes but Nikki has said that Curiosity isn't the boat for exploring northern latitudes. But maybe someday.... Curious Minion

  • Linda Kindig
    Linda KindigDay ago

    Another great video and I love the idea of putting some of your great shots in your store.

  • Bill frank
    Bill frankDay ago

    Well we just fought up.

  • olga Olga
    olga OlgaDay ago

    It's a cheat. For more clicking. No self built island.

  • utubewillyman
    utubewillymanDay ago

    There's something so sad about an atoll. You realize all and land we live on is temporary, to be reclaimed by the ocean at some point.

  • Gone with the Wynns
    Gone with the Wynns13 hours ago

    Yes the land is lost, but look at all the coral reef habitat that's been gained, so don't be sad. Cycles in nature are inevitable, and it's extremely resilient. Let's hope it survives the age of man. Curious Minion

  • Patricia Butts
    Patricia ButtsDay ago

    Has the.cat ever fallen overboard?🐈

  • Derek Blackledge
    Derek BlackledgeDay ago

    Great job guys! I love the video here, looks so amazing under water, it’s a whole new world under there. Be safe and enjoy and keep up the good work 💕

  • The Digital Project
    The Digital ProjectDay ago

    Don’t you get nervous flying the drone over water? What’s the farthest and highest away you have flown your drone? What about wind? Here’s a little trivia about the locks, they are opened or closed with a motor about the size of a vacuum cleaner. So well balanced. Amazing engineering, at to the fact it was built 100 years ago. The people born in the Panama Canal Zone (1908-1979) were called Zonians and had American Citizenship, Zonians can also apply for Panama Citizenship.

  • Emma N
    Emma NDay ago

    Ohhh my Aunty from Fiji always says “io”. This is the first time I’ve ever heard that it means “yes”! Hahaha. I always just went with it and never questioned it.

  • Brandie Lee
    Brandie LeeDay ago

    With the silicone thing, make sure the silicone you're using is body safe. The silicone you get at home depot like that is not body safe.

  • Zayed Alnuaimi
    Zayed AlnuaimiDay ago

    How much does a boat like this cost?

  • Stephen
    StephenDay ago

    Now you can snuggle.! Aww! So cute. 🤗 Loved the little hobbit bedroom,what a boat.!!!

  • Stanfran
    StanfranDay ago

    It was a sleepless night ;)

  • Stephen
    StephenDay ago

    What a wonderful thing to have done. Your genuine words of encouragement are even more empowering because we know it's not or was not easy for you two too. All the best to you.🤗

  • Charles Huston
    Charles HustonDay ago

    Are you still in Miami? I am anchored right near dinner key Marina and for years I have dreamed of meeting you guys.

  • Charles Huston
    Charles Huston13 hours ago

    @Gone with the Wynns yeah I went to their website after I asked and saw that it was 4 years ago they were in Miami. I kinda feel like a dunce.

  • Gone with the Wynns
    Gone with the Wynns13 hours ago

    No, they're on the other side of the world in Tonga. Curious Minion

  • Stephen
    StephenDay ago

    What an awesome thing to have done you two.

  • TheMasonsx5
    TheMasonsx5Day ago

    We call them sprickets in Oklahoma

  • Stephen
    StephenDay ago

    Lovely video again guys. With So many of your videos when they come to the end I realize I have been smiling all the way through them. If that's not the mark of good story telling what is . 👍👌🤙😂

  • Roman Jansen
    Roman JansenDay ago

    Hahahah.....11:14, You Guys Are Funny 😄💫❤🙏

  • Sandra Reyes
    Sandra ReyesDay ago

    Loved the adventure! So nice that there was no one else! Beautiful pics😁