I think we may be going CRAZY! Our sailboat projects are just getting started it already feels like Groundhog Day.
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We're going loopy and it's not the diesel fumes. The days are all starting to blur together, but progress is being made!
Our goal this week is to get the boat livable again. We love our little bungalow away from it all, but we're ready to really make it home. Which means cleaning, servicing, replacing, and more cleaning (did I mention cleaning?!?). Because after a year of sitting all alone in tropical conditions, we have leaky hatches, corroded electronics, and a boat full of mold.
We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.
Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:
00:00 Diesel Tank Saga Continues
00:48 Who We Are (short intro)
01:14 Cleaning, Cleaning & More Boat Cleaning
04:00 Day 2: Fans, Fuel Tank, ICE & Cleaning
09:21 Day 3: Replace Hatches
17:11 The Waxing Begins
18:43 Fire Hazard Fans
20:30 Special Dinner Plans & e-Bike Ride
22:40 Encebollado de Pescado
23:37 Reunited with our Wines
25:28 Bloopers
#Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #Sailboats
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  • Bill frank
    Bill frank8 days ago

    Ah lu min um. 😁😁😁😀

  • SirGr3mIin
    SirGr3mIin8 days ago

    Come say hello when your in new zealand! :D

  • Auston Dusseault
    Auston Dusseault27 days ago

    get a typhoon exception for Australia or NZ and go there.

  • Stephen
    StephenMonth ago

    That was awesome, what a team, thank you for letting me/us tag along. I would have helped but I'm here in Brittany France yay! Go Cyril !!! I know I'm English but hay !

  • Nature Care Osteopathy & Physiotherapy
    Nature Care Osteopathy & PhysiotherapyMonth ago

    Educational and inspiring. Thanks 😊

  • Peter Sauer
    Peter SauerMonth ago

    Jason where did you guys pick up those two little battery bikes?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    There's a link in this blog post where they made their debut, and Nikki talks about the advantages & disadvantages: Don't forget that shopping through the links provided won't cost you anything extra but it will throw a few pennies into the sailing kitty, so get busy! Curious Minion

  • ralph gordon
    ralph gordon2 months ago

    There is a product, I forget the name of it, but it cleans mold very well AND helps prevent it's return. Just a thought.

  • Maryj
    Maryj3 months ago

    Someones been sleeping in my bed....and someone’s been sleeping in my bed too....

  • Darlene Ermis
    Darlene Ermis3 months ago

    You gotta be the happiest couple on UTube

  • Matt Hickmott
    Matt Hickmott3 months ago

    Have enjoyed watching your videos. May have seen them all by now since the older ones are now looping. Play on big screen for kids, so I appreciate that you try hard to keep it clean. I do have a question: I noticed a portable A/C in the background vented thru the porthole. Can you provide specifics on materials and how you attached it to the porthole? Thank you!

  • Rick Kwitkoski
    Rick Kwitkoski3 months ago

    Nikki and Jason. I am really getting into your videos. You are the .... hmmm... 7th sailing channel that I have been following? I did SV Delos, Nahoa, Uma, La Vagabonde, Nanji and others. You two are so CUTE! And I love your youthful enthusiasm!!! The fruit bat video is hilarious and so wonderful! These maintenance and repair videos really show the reality of boat life. Thank you for all of these. Nikki. Practice with me: Dia TOM aceous! Again. Dia TOM aceous! I looked through all the comments here. One fellow loved the way you pronounce it: Dime A taceous!! Stay well and stay safe. I will eventually get to all your prior videos.

  • Gee Speller
    Gee Speller3 months ago

    Oh you guys a boat Cool No RV

  • spelled341
    spelled3413 months ago

    life goals

  • Reginald Jenkins
    Reginald Jenkins4 months ago

    You guys are not messing around!!!!!

  • Austin L.
    Austin L.4 months ago

    There are much better fumes to aspirate for a good time. Just remember moderation. So Friday , Saturday , and Holidays are "Good Time" days. I can't do it anymore, just protecting my last living brain cell.........

  • Denny Barlau
    Denny Barlau4 months ago

    Just a thought if you're going to do anti foul please check out Feel the Breeze Family they just did a wrap for anti foul it's very effective and saves a lot money



    4 months ago

    Are you a Rep for this?

  • Nayo Tawken
    Nayo Tawken4 months ago

    Were such difficult hatches to remove all actually leaking? If not, why change them all?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    4 months ago

    Several were already leaking, and that means the rest are getting ready to start! Curious Minion

  • Merle Nicholson
    Merle Nicholson4 months ago

    The Sikaflex and 5100/5200 will last almost indefinitely in the refrigerator. After first use, I cover the nozzle with a little clear wrap and masking tape, squeeze a little blob out the end under the wrap and refrigerate it. It'll save you hundreds of dollars. I've been doing this with all types of caulking for 30 years, especially with 5200. Only difficulty is the competition for beer space.

  • Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
    Knud Sandbæk Nielsen4 months ago

    I believe the stuff on the grid of the fan is corrosion due to salt particles in the air - right?

  • Todd Mehserle
    Todd Mehserle4 months ago

    BUY an OZONE GENERATOR ...80 bucks 30,000mgs hr...kills the stuff you cant see. It's like majic...cleans behind and the SMELLS disappear. You have be be outside but run for 2-4 hours at a time ... I have 80 footer and it works!

  • Matt S.
    Matt S.4 months ago

    I know this is probably way too late but fiberglass and jbwelding the tanks doesn't seem like a good solution at all. I would think you could find someone somewhere on those islands with the ability to preferably weld or maybe even braze the aluminum. This should make the tanks last hopefully as long as they did before the leaks started.

  • Matt S.

    Matt S.

    4 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns Wow, that's surprising. I figured with all them boats around there had to be someone that had the equipment to deal with aluminum.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    4 months ago

    They tried but there isn't a single welder that can do aluminum on the island. Curious Minion

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones4 months ago

    You can replace the lens without replacing the frame? Why are you removing the frames?

  • Mark Jones

    Mark Jones

    4 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns You can replace those to, they come with new lenses and then you don't have all the hassle of chiseling up the 5200. I've done it and am about to replace some other seals as well. The best preserative for those seals is a cloth hatch cover which I need to keep the boat cool anyway.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    4 months ago

    Because the lenses aren’t the problem. We’ve got leaks happening around the seals and such.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones4 months ago

    Why does it take you an hour to clean those fans? Pull the motor out and hose the thing down outside. I do mine once a month (at least) and it takes 15 minutes. I pop out the cord retainer and pull the motor as far away from the housing as possible. Super simple.

  • M Watkins
    M Watkins5 months ago

    I think y’all are making the best videos of repairing and being on a boat I’ve ever seen and I’m a grumpy old 52 year old south Alabama USA man ( in other words hard to please) . You two do great editing and you just seem to be down to earth good people. I like that so now you’re stuck with me. Take care and God bless both of y’all !!! 🙏🇺🇸👍

  • WAS sailing
    WAS sailing5 months ago

    É gostoso limpar um barco assim, é muito lindo. Está bem conservado.

  • joe smith
    joe smith5 months ago

    the fans likely have oxidation on the stators. clean the brushes and polish what they touch and they will all likely come back to life. brake cleaner is good too to clean out the issues. ive gotten motors older than us working that way. open, make shiny, reassemble. good to see you back, wynners

  • Brett Nilsson
    Brett Nilsson5 months ago

    Have you tried FlexPaste or any of their other products to seal things? If so, does it work?

  • Alois Luond
    Alois Luond5 months ago

    Great channel ... congrats. I haven't read through all your comments. BUT!! Would a dehumidifier system solved all the mold problem at least inside the boat? Appreciate your comment and thougths on dehumidifiers!!

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago

    Probably? But I'm not sure there's anyplace to buy one on Vava'u, plus they'd have had to have someone come to the boat several times a week just to dump the reservoirs. [While you could remove the reservoir & just let the humidifier drain directly into a sink or shower, it looks like they had taped off their thru-hulls on the outside of the boat to prevent mud-daubers or other critters from entering the space.] And I'm guessing they'd have still ended up with mildew/mold in remote corners. It's just kind of pervasive on a boat. Curious Minion

  • William Cook
    William Cook5 months ago This is not a permanent solution. Would buy you at least a year, that will give you time to get to a place where you can get a better fuel tank.

  • Feral Crafter
    Feral Crafter5 months ago

    Hey, for my tub in my home I have a water/mold/algae proof silicon cocking which I put in the groves. Now I have to remove it every two years and re-do it. What do you think about filling those mold filled cracks (after you clean them out) with some silicon sealant to save you years of cleaning? I'm not a boat guy, just thought it might help. Good luck. Love the work!~!!!

  • Garrett Cooper
    Garrett Cooper5 months ago

    One trick I used to change the hatches on my L44 was using cheap pairing knives to cut the caulk from under the frames. It was a real God send. I went through 4 knives for 6 hatches at $2.knife. Saved me hours.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith5 months ago


  • Fred Brillo
    Fred Brillo5 months ago

    The really scary thing is all that mildew and mold you see on the surfaces is also on the parts you cant see... You wipe it off of a panel but you know that the other side of that panel or the floor board, is covered in it. I owned a 33 year old boat in South Florida.. I can tell you all about mold and mildew.

  • Paul Beebe
    Paul Beebe5 months ago

    Did you guys check this out??? All else fails go JB Weld... Prepped right, it can be a life time fix....

  • Paul Beebe
    Paul Beebe5 months ago

    You guys have our sympathies... It's the Spring cleaning session from hell....

  • Rick Robinson
    Rick Robinson5 months ago

    Hi guys! Great series! Uh, I went thru most of the top level comments (and the vid at 9:45) to see if you answered the question WHY you were replacing these hatches. I assume they were leaking a lil, or maybe a lot? (In which case, why not just add more caulk/sika?) Or maybe you didn't like how they worked? Not tinted enough? Curious.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago

    Hatches eventually reach the end of their life and start leaking from all directions, the seals fail. Can’t caulk a seal. and as shown, our handles had fallen which means we could close them. We patched them and made them work for 4 additional years but it was time.

  • Jacco Seinen
    Jacco Seinen5 months ago

    Please take of that hamster.

  • The Dolphin
    The Dolphin5 months ago

    If boat life is driving you crazy, why bother telling others via USplan and why not just have a lifestyle change?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago

    Did you watch the video? It’s not bad crazy, it’s funny kinda crazy. We’re not complaining. We’re happy.

  • Tammy Faulkner
    Tammy Faulkner5 months ago

    Hey Jason and Nikki, so glad to see you back at your home! So I have been watching your videos and just curious if you’ve gotten your air conditioning and refrigerator fixed? I just can’t imagine not having either.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago

    Nope and nope! We still have out 2 portable 12v fridge/freezers though. We looked & looked in the U.S. but there's nothing that will fit in that space without major modifications. Wanh wanh.

  • Mark Devaney
    Mark Devaney5 months ago

    Thinking outside the box, you might consider using your Jerry cans as a fuel tank until you get to somewhere you can have a proper tank built. You would have to create a cap for the Jerry can that has a pickup tube and vent connection, but that should be easier than replacing the tank. You must know by now how many hours per gallon you get on fuel so a little record keeping will be your fuel gauge. Multiple Jerry cans would fit in that space the tank was in so you would move the new pickup cap to a new can as needed.

  • Mike Ferguson
    Mike Ferguson5 months ago

    Great progress guys. For those negative responses one must realize this is not unique to boating. Leave a beach house RV or anything like that for a year and you will have the same issues to deal with for sure . 😊

  • mat jam
    mat jam5 months ago

    Not sure who told you sika has a short life. I have used then sealed the same tube and used again a year or two years later and stuff is the same. Stick a larger screw in the end and seal with tape and use again. If new no worries. I have sika that is many years old. Do you think stores throw away sika after a year? And where I keep the boat in summer inside gets up into the 40s C.

  • M R
    M R5 months ago

    We use air filter material for industrial air handlers under our mattress on our cat. About an inch thick so it keeps the flow of air moving so no mold builds on the mattress.

  • Faith P
    Faith P5 months ago

    Hahaha nicki the clip that shows you talking in the kitchen there is a reflection of you behind you. Ur wearing pink shorts and I totally thought you didn’t have pants on and was all like “oh no, nicki, ur butt is showing !!! Hahahahaha and then I realized ur shorts r pink 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Faith P
    Faith P5 months ago

    $50 for the fan! I would def take an hr to clean it !!!! Think about it, I would be happy to work at a job for $50 an hr so why not take an hr to NOT spend $50 an hr. Good decision guys !!!!

  • Robert Valentine
    Robert Valentine5 months ago

    There are products available to coat the inside of fuel tanks. Check out "fuel tand sealants" on line.

  • tubapip
    tubapip5 months ago

    “One fell swoop” as in “fell” ferocious deadly etc “ in one fell swoop” all in one go.. not “fail” love your videos best regards

  • R G
    R G5 months ago

    You guyz are too funny and Nikki's got feet! Who knew? :)

  • JL J
    JL J5 months ago

    Ah, the soup looked delicious! And I'm so glad to see things are going well with the boat. It's so beautiful there. Thank you for these videos. They bring a light from the rest of the world into our home.

  • requin13
    requin135 months ago

    sorry i love your video, but, one year without maintenance for a boat, it' s like 5 years for a home we said in france, a good ' huille de coude ' and your boat is gonning been OK !!!! don't dramatize too much, i know what you're done, but don't exagereted the work !!!!

  • Bob Gabbett
    Bob Gabbett5 months ago

    You guys are so inspirational ! Stay Safe & Fair Winds !!

  • Judy ONeal
    Judy ONeal5 months ago

    Tons of work but it must feel very satisfying to get things clean.

  • MeriMorMick
    MeriMorMick5 months ago

    I enjoy following your adventures. Would I buy a boat? OH, NO!!!

  • James A
    James A5 months ago

    The fish stew etc looks divine. Would travel half way around the world, rowing or even swimming some of the way, just for a taste. Certainly. Thanks...

  • spring984
    spring9845 months ago

    Does this make you want to go back to RVing?

  • wefixdents
    wefixdents5 months ago

    Flipping through the channels last night, 2014 Going RV, you guys buying the Motor home , what a flashback, of course I watched it.

  • DL Haye
    DL Haye5 months ago

    Such great progress you both have made. Looks amazing.

  • Jeanne Stark
    Jeanne Stark5 months ago

    Bit like being the comic comedian ha ha comic comedian.

  • Jeanne Stark
    Jeanne Stark5 months ago

    Hi away down there over there down under almost there = I’m in Clearwater Florida and saying hello.I wish you well as you put it back in the water and send you sweet wishes dip your head in the pacific ocean for me I will dip mine in the Gulf of Mexico for you. Yeah when you do it wave. Ha ha made a funny wave ocean dip.

  • Daniel Sundberg
    Daniel Sundberg5 months ago

    You pronounced "Al you minium" correctly, you are permitted to come to Australia, haha!

  • Ruben Kelevra
    Ruben Kelevra5 months ago

    Why don't you put an ozone generator for some days in the ship. It will kill the mold and bacteria everywhere and dissipate after 24 hours again

  • Marty
    Marty5 months ago

    Can Nikki get more beautiful? Geez even scrubbing off mold she looks amazing. Jason you are a hansom guy but I don't swing that way.

  • Khoon
    Khoon5 months ago

    It is good that you are taking breaks and being kind to yourselves. The project or task or chore will be there whenever you are ready. just need to pace yourself to last the whole journey. you will get to the end, one day at a time. why not cook chicken tortilla soup with tofu or something? she clearly loves it. much love.

  • Eno Willie David
    Eno Willie David5 months ago

    it's good to be back

  • Byron Stuart
    Byron Stuart5 months ago

    And make the new plastic fuel tanks just a tiny bit more narrow to allow them to get in and out much easier.

  • Byron Stuart
    Byron Stuart5 months ago

    N&J, Dare I suggest that BEHIND all of those clip-in headliner and wall panels is probably still a real MOLD GENERATOR! Don't shoot the messenger please.......

  • Jerry Cooke
    Jerry Cooke5 months ago

    Store opened sealant in a freezer with the tip wrapped with plastic.

  • tuberterry1
    tuberterry15 months ago

    Niki no talkie when you walkie. P.S to be safe you should probably spit out your gum.

  • dynamite650
    dynamite6505 months ago

    I wonder if you could have bought a dehumidifier and ran the hose somewhere out the boat. Maybe powered it with some solar. Have the guy who checked on boat turn it on occasionally

  • David Yoder
    David Yoder5 months ago

    This is probably Old News but I just stumbled on a cable program from 2014 that featured you picking out your Monaco Vesta motor home and starting your travels! You both looked very young (you still do!!!) and I felt like a parent watching an old video of the kids growing up!! Show is "Going RV" S1/E2 on Great American Network.

  • Dagooglenet
    Dagooglenet5 months ago

    The labour is cheap over there, pay $200 and your boat will look like new

  • Kathy Rakes
    Kathy Rakes5 months ago


  • Randall Thrift
    Randall Thrift5 months ago

    Love the shades. Do you have a matching bikini? :-)

  • Alex Mikhael
    Alex Mikhael5 months ago

    8:10 always insert the snap or reach for the camera but you gotta do it ''the same way'' ;) that's the key... you can always edit if it does work out... and if it dont, do a ''THREE DAYS LATER'' lol spungebob thiing... lol

  • Alex Mikhael

    Alex Mikhael

    5 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns I was suggesting DO the ''thingie'' to snap till later.. and get used to doing the ''thingie'' so when later something DOES ''go more beyond RIGHT'' and ...ummm it all works... lol you can do the thingie after the mess dissapers and ...ahhh the point was get used to inserting the fingersnap or hand clap or the i dream of jeanie winkie thingy arms crossed ....get used to inserting them and one of these days it will work ;)

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago

    It wasn't a matter of figuring out how to do the is figuring out how to really make the stuff disappear! We need a real life magic cleaning genie.

  • Erik Greathouse
    Erik Greathouse5 months ago

    Hey Wynns, I wanted to let you know my oldest daughter is inspired by everything Nikki does. For some reason, she thought all the work would be done by Jason. She has been inpired by your hard work and can do attatude. Thank you.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago

    #GirlBoss 💗

  • Russell Stuart
    Russell Stuart5 months ago

    So just watched the latest video, and love your videos Jason and Nikki. I work in cold storage for fresh produce and we use ozone to kill the mold spores and it works extremely well. You can get an ozone maker and have it run in the boat in various cabins or get one big one, I have a small one for US$40 for a hot tub that would take care of the mold issue and really reduce your effort in those hard to reach spots. You will notice a different odour but ozone is not bad for you. Run it especially if you're away frm curiosity for a while

  • donald linskie
    donald linskie5 months ago

    one fan sown but it was a total wynn

  • donald linskie
    donald linskie5 months ago

    tig weld the tank

  • Andrea Longoni
    Andrea Longoni5 months ago

    You always put the best music with your videos!

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones5 months ago

    Good Sunday morning my little worker bees . Looks like this has turned into a major job getting the ole girl back in shape. I see Nikki from time to time on a RV channel on tv, back when you guys got your RV and she was very young at that time. I would love to come help you guys, but I’m way over here in Florida.

  • Dennis Collins
    Dennis Collins5 months ago

    I'm a professional cleaner, I would recommend a quat cleaner. That way ya can kill all them germs. If not available, and should be as it is also the major defense against COvid 19 and SARs viruses, ya can fall back on peroxide. Reason being is most cleaners do kill mold when scrubbed. But they don't kill the babies often called spores. Ready to hatch once they get a little food from even the air. Just saying. Oh, get the concentrate or ya pay a fortune on them little spray bottles that are very deluted. Remember if it kills germs then it can kill ya skin and lung cells.

  • Hussein Rajabali
    Hussein Rajabali5 months ago

    Hello. I wonder if you could gas weld the holes in both your diesel pretty sure I had seen videos about this on youtube.hope it helps 😊

  • Will OBrien
    Will OBrien5 months ago

    Brushless motors require additional control circuits. They are more efficient but brushed DC motors are simple - and cheap.

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown5 months ago

    What happend to the cats? I didn't want to ask, but it's been so long since I've seen them that it's awkward now.

  • Tim Brown

    Tim Brown

    5 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns The farm looks like the purrrfect place for them. Such lucky little cuties!

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago

    You must have missed this vid: 😥 Spoiler alert: Singa is super happy with his new family and even has a girlfriend! Curious Minion

  • bambang saputra
    bambang saputra5 months ago

    What is that liquid in the spray bottle?

    STRUTZKOFF5 months ago

    Try puraflex 40

  • Tim M
    Tim M5 months ago

    living on a boat is not for you two

  • vince williams
    vince williams5 months ago

    Hello Wynn's, thank you for your video, especially the drone footage as it showed my sailboat which I haven't been able to get to thanks to Covid. My boat is the one getting painted, green dodger and sail cover. S/V Yurok, Newport, Oregon. The one next to the boat ramp. Good luck with the fuel tanks. Tell Alan and Joe howdy. Hope to see you on the water. Did you just arrive in Tonga? Restrictions?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago

    Awesome! I'll make sure they see this comment. You must have missed the vids on getting back to Tonga. As of a month or so ago the government of Tonga was only allowing repatriation of citizens and people (like Nikki & Jason) who were able to show special need to get into Tonga and they were only allowing repatriation from the country of Fiji (because it has also been Covid-free). Check out the blog post & vid here: Curious Minion

  • marian frances
    marian frances5 months ago

    You crazy kids!! What a schlock load of work! 🥂😉👍🇨🇦

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B5 months ago

    Those little tar like spots of black might just be spider poop. No joke. Google it. Gross

  • james kerr
    james kerr5 months ago

    If you guys ever do come down to New Zealand I would love to meet you and buy you guys a drink :) love the videos

  • navion1946
    navion19465 months ago seriously check out this option for sealing your tanks. I’m convinced it would work and it’s cheap.Tell me how to mail them to you and I’ll send you some with a stainless brush to try.

  • Agnes Szegedi
    Agnes Szegedi5 months ago

    Until you haven't lived in Ireland you don't know what mold really is 😂🇮🇪😂

  • AmericanTrucker4Life
    AmericanTrucker4Life5 months ago

    What cleaning products are you using to kill the mold?

  • bx259146
    bx2591465 months ago

    Friends. You can repair aluminum tanks with argon welding. This repair is cheap and permanent. Greetings.

  • The Awkward Tourists
    The Awkward Tourists5 months ago

    You guys are pouring so much love into that boat! I hope you find it all worth it in the end :)

  • Other brother Daryl
    Other brother Daryl5 months ago

    Replacing the brushes may be possible in the fans.

  • B C
    B C5 months ago

    has anyone ever tried something like DampRid products to control moisture? Is that even an option in the tropics?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago

    Sure, DampRid works just fine but in the tropics you'd go through them like crazy. [Takes lid off, sits it down - dang it that one's full! Opens another, sits it down - dang it!! 😂😂] Curious Minion

  • Robert Orr
    Robert Orr5 months ago

    JB Weld.

  • Steven Trostle
    Steven Trostle5 months ago

    It's spelled "Crazier" BTW ---LOL

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    5 months ago