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We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.
Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:
00:00 Propane Free Flashback (INTRO)
01:32 Our Off-Grid History
02:34 Why Ditch Propane?
05:08 All Electric Kitchen (Full Tour)
06:17 Induction Stove on a Sailboat
07:29 Griddle & Grill
08:06 The BEST Electric Convection Oven
08:37 Water Filtration & Purification
08:48 Fridge, Freezer & Portable 12v Coolers
09:58 Best 12v Fridge & Freezer Solution
10:45 More info on our Blog
11:00 How We Power an All-Electric Kitchen on a Sailboat (solar & lithium)
11:50 Generator & Other Re-Gen Options
#BoatLife #Catamaran #LifeStyle #Sailboats
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  • pAbLiK PoKuZ
    pAbLiK PoKuZDay ago


  • Sir Rubbers
    Sir Rubbers3 days ago

    Mechman 370a alternators. Easy to add. Very easy to wire and made to very quickly charge extremely high draw lithiums.(competition car audio). Add mount brackets are easy to find and a 370a (14.8) also sell 16v(depends on your bank)will likely charge your entire 1200ah system in minutes of 1 engine running. A little bit longer at idle but whats 10 minutes of fuel for peace of mind

  • Sir Rubbers

    Sir Rubbers

    3 days ago

    I should mention....many lithium companies are starting to drop price drastically as the market adjust to more use. U can likely extend your bank if need be but alternator, wind or water trickle chargers would def help easy the power loss

  • William Boos
    William Boos4 days ago

    I'm not a boater, but it seems only logical that a combination of wind and solar would be optimum. Most of the time. Turbines (except on crappy, windy, stormy days) can bug the bejeesus out of other boaters at anchor or dock. Nice warm, calm sunny days......Solar. Cloudy, crappy stormy days and/or anytime you're underway...... wind turbines. Plus, any free space you may have or can create with shelving, add more lithium batteries to take advantage. Right now, for those that can afford it, you're 100% correct saying lithium is the way to go and every new battery counts. But, at your age, Solid State should eventually be achieveable. It's still some time off, just keep an occassional eye on its advancements. But hey, Sunny, breezy days, just head out a few hundred meters and run the turbines too.

  • Chad Broussard
    Chad Broussard14 days ago

    Upgrade both of your Alternators to Balmar high amp w/charge kit - Plus (1) Wind Gen. (forget about another generator unless also camping on shore)

  • big whale
    big whale16 days ago

    Sounds like a case of gas is bad

  • chip812
    chip81217 days ago

    :( The affiliate link for the induction cook top is broken. :( Can you please re-connect it? It point to a completely different (not currently available) model. Thanks. :)

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    16 days ago

    Ah, dorm cooking. Takes me back to the good ol' days! 😜 CM

  • chip812


    17 days ago

    @Gone with the Wynns I guess that fixed it. Points to the correct item now. Thanks (I think)! Going to get one of these for my son to use while in college. :)

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    17 days ago

    When I follow the link it takes me to the correct cooktop & shows it'll be in stock April 11. ??????? Curious Minion

  • Keith Dowling
    Keith Dowling17 days ago

    Great use of the word arse 😀

  • Keith Conway
    Keith Conway19 days ago

    Go w WIND it always blows

  • Stephen Walker
    Stephen Walker20 days ago

    Such useful insights. Thank you so much for sharing all this. Keep it up.

  • bruce fletcher
    bruce fletcher20 days ago

    I have cruised for 20 years, but 4 years ago when I renovated my electrical system with LiFePO4 batteries fed by solar, programmable Balmar high output (never used to charge alone) and a portable Honda 2kW quiet inverter generator (used only when I get 3 consecutive cloudy days, approx three times in the last year). PS - my rule - you are not allowed to leave port unless there are 3 methods to charge. The biggest key I've found is to let the panels bring the batteries up early morning, run the high loads (water maker and water heater) mid-morning to early afternoon. Then evenings let the big screen and cooking appliances have the current. For the stove I found a compromise, use a double element induction stovetop that fit perfectly within the rails of the disconnected propane stove, keeping the stove gimballed and could retain the pot holders with a small modification. Without a doubt it's the single best modification I've made. I use the same convection oven and microwave on countertop locations. ( I tried finding one I could fit into the gutted oven area of the old propane range but gave up. Of your variety of appliances, I saw three missed which I consider indispensable 1. Drip coffee maker (so important I carry a spare) 2. 3 cup rice cooker (absolutely indispensable for those of us with Asian wives, also carry a spare) 3. 6 cup slow cooker (best method for meat/vegetable dishes, with amazingly low current draw) With respect to refrigeration, I have a similar 2 chamber portable for the big stocking up and a wonderfully insulated 9 cu ft box using an air cooled Sea Frost 12v compressor unit with one of their custom freezer boxes mounted inside the top opening box. I am always amazed at how efficient these refrigeration systems are, but yes, monthly defrosting is necessary. Amazing how effortless these systems are once in place. The only real thinking comes in the planning stage, size your LiFePO4 system to equal 2-3 days reasonable load, your solar array to give 50% of the battery storage capacity in a 6 hour period and don't ever be tempted to add a wind generator 'just in case'.

  • Keith Baker
    Keith Baker21 day ago

    Great video

  • Nia the Gulf Gypsy
    Nia the Gulf Gypsy21 day ago

    I watched one of your wonderful videos recently where you were making that beautiful coffee cake in what appeared to be some sort of small 'clam shell' styled grill / oven ? Was hoping you might still have that wonderful gadget in your all electric kitchen. Alas, I didn't see it. Would it ever be possible for you to post what brand it was and what it's proper name is? Living in and all electric home here in Florida, baking in the summer isn't fun, as who needs extra heat in our hot, muggy summers; eh? Regardless --- Your kitchen is perfectly designed --- Easy, efficient layout, no wasted steps, yet so much storage and you're not at all limited on what you cook or how many people you cook for! Fair winds and following seas! PS? I did wander around you blog website hoping to find that wonderful cooker contraption there -- No luck, but then I'm tenacious and your website is fun to wander in! ---- Have you ever considered adding 'Minion' something or another to your swag offerings? You 'go - fast' dinghy has fans, too!

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    20 days ago

    It's a Cuisinart Countertop Oven but it was discontinued in the U.S.A. People in other countries still find it from time to time though, so if you're not in the US shop around & see. www.gonewiththewynns.com/product/cuisinart-countertop-oven Curious Minion

  • uglyduckling81
    uglyduckling8121 day ago

    Wind seems like a no brainer for a sailing vessel. I'm not a sailor so what do I know.

  • J Hill
    J Hill21 day ago

    So SV Delos came to the same conclusion about uselessness of propane for crusers and got rid of theirs forr an electric kitchen. They use their generator now and then as the solar and wind input is not enough to cover the Amp in demands of their LiFePo4 batteries for their water maker, freezer's, water heater and satellite comm/internet capability. They also need the genset to power their dive tank/s compressor. Lot to be said for repairing/keeping the generator vs its weight, maintenance and center of gravity offset.

  • tom080955
    tom08095522 days ago

    March 25. I must have missed that Ice cream Maker video...This video is very informative and well done. Nikki presenter and Jason as steady campy lol.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    21 day ago

    At you service 🙇‍♂️ - Jason

  • j k
    j k23 days ago

    We love our breville oven!

  • Colin J. M. Dykstra
    Colin J. M. Dykstra25 days ago

    Hey, I'm also a 100% electric galley on a catamaran. Lithium plus 1.7kw solar. As you're finding, it's a bit short on some days. I installed 2 x 270 amp American Power Systems continuous duty alternators. Each externally regulated with Mastervolt AP3s. The temperature probes are connected directly to the alternator cases. Running the engines at 1,800 rpm, regularly get 220+ amps each at first. I've set the temperature setpoint quite conservative (120C) at which point the AP3 will reduce the energize amperage to keep them at that temp. SO happy with the setup.

  • Clive Dredge
    Clive Dredge25 days ago

    Hi Guys... My little contribution.... There was a great comment from paial and I concur... Upgrade your panels and add more batteries... Invest in a Heavy duty alternator that you can bolt on to one or both of your engines... Cheers and all the best Clive

  • Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran
    Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran26 days ago

    Love your videos! Quick note: rather than getting clamps for the stove top, would it be better to install a gimbled countertop in the kitchen for general use while underway?

  • David Martin
    David Martin28 days ago

    A suggestion from an old mechanic regarding your starter motors. The factories coat the starter exterior with paint to seal moisture out. That is fine for land based equipment. The salt air causes electric motor brushes to soften and eventually fail to connect to the armatures. You should be able to avoid much of the problem by cleaning the debris from the starter motors, lightly sanding the armature contact segments, replacing the brushes, and then in some manner sealing the starter exterior. Permatex High Tack has worked perfectly for me. I clean the exterior with alcohol and then the starter case joints with High Tack. Don't forget to to the same where the solenoid attaches and the area about the electrical connections. Should High Tack not be available, you might use any type of paint, finger nail polish, or hair spray. These are a temporary sealant. Good luck!

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer29 days ago

    I’m just curious wouldn’t wind work to regenerate power considering you seem to get plenty of it on the ocean?

  • Michael East
    Michael East29 days ago

    You use wind to go point to point and a small wind generator would still give you charging power even at night

  • Raymond Daviau
    Raymond DaviauMonth ago

    Loose the bangs and the geriatric head Ware !!!!!!!

  • Rayvonne SR
    Rayvonne SRMonth ago

    Bought the wife the same Breville and love it! Great pizzas! We’ve had it for 2 years as well!Oh Jason .... your not gonna die....lol

  • Gypsy GG
    Gypsy GGMonth ago

    How about an Insta Pot?...I got one for Christmas and haven’t used my stove much since, you can literally cook and bake anything, also making Yogurt🤗 I’m moving into an RV when I Sell my Condo, definitely one thing I’m bringing along🤗❤️🤗

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    Nikki has a pressure cooker, just not an IP. Curious Minion

  • Aram Poladyan
    Aram PoladyanMonth ago

    9:27 those stupid empiric Fahrenheit

  • Bob Ham
    Bob HamMonth ago

    the oven i would think uses a lot of power. i bounced around the idea of a air fryer to do some simple things. i will be cooking for 1 or 2 and a big oven is nice but might be more than needed by me. have you guys tried an air fryer?

  • Jason Thomas
    Jason ThomasMonth ago

    I agree with all of the electrical engineers who have said to beef up the battery pack and solar array. I also would prefer to have two high output alternators. One for each engine. I also agree with getting rid of the diesel generator and using that space for more batteries. Lithium Iron Phosphate. Then I would definitely recommend the purchase of a Honda inverter generator. Either gas, or converted to propane. These generators are nearly silent and would make a great emergency backup power source just in case your diesel gets fouled and it is raining for days. Great videos!

  • The Basement Gardener
    The Basement GardenerMonth ago

    Taking your boat totally off grid makes total absolute sense. Why would you want to depend on propane? You have a gas generator backup. Sun powered all the way!!

  • Susan Troutman
    Susan TroutmanMonth ago

    I would like to purchase the fans seen near the ceiling in the kitchen. Do remember anything about them?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    Those are Scirocco fans. Awesome on boats! Curious Minion

  • Explorer TV
    Explorer TVMonth ago

    Thanks, it was helpful. In case there is no sunshine, I would recommend windpower.

  • 1gapinghole
    1gapingholeMonth ago


  • Carlin Durfee
    Carlin DurfeeMonth ago

    What kind of oven is it?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    All the info & a link are in the blog post: www.gonewiththewynns.com/electric-off-grid-kitchen Don't forget that shopping through the links provided won't cost you anything extra but it will throw a few pennies into the sailing kitty! So shop 'til you drop! Curious Minion

  • Carl Kivela
    Carl KivelaMonth ago

    Do you guys not have a microwave at all?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago


  • Grins
    GrinsMonth ago

    Thanks for posting. Was blessed, to walk into boat with 2400 W solar... I hear ya... That doesn't cut it in high latitudes or extended runs of cloudy times... Pretty certain remember you all discussion cooling and heating and that draw on power, pretty substantial, when used. Hydro gen, high output alternator and diesel generator, yay! 🤙🤙🤙 Cheers, SV Good Karma

  • Brent Kelly
    Brent KellyMonth ago

    lithium and solar about to get a kick in the butt. New tech will be cheaper and more efficient and batteries safer.

  • Gwen Marshall
    Gwen MarshallMonth ago

    Checkout Uma Nation, their sailboat is totally electric including their engine you might get some ideas from them that you would like.

  • Robert Maheu
    Robert MaheuMonth ago

    redundant systems you can rely on. if you can afford it get a wind turbine and the water one, will pay off in th elong run wind might crap out and there might but youll have the current, or viceversa and you always have solar on top of that

  • Stan Barker
    Stan BarkerMonth ago

    Can steam bread.

  • Nate B
    Nate BMonth ago

    First thought: Cans of sterno are a shelf-stable backup, in case the batteries are low and you want to reserve power for refrigeration, you could still make food and tea without hitting the batteries for heat. Second thought: Why do I never see wind generators mounted at the top of the mast? Terrestrial wind generation always reaches for the higher winds, since the energy at the surface is so poor. Surely it must be the same at sea, no? Third: If you're carrying gasoline for your dinghy motor anyway, a small gasoline generator might be sensible. But only keep gas around if you're using it regularly, because it spoils after a few months. (And thus you want to exercise the generator periodically, to make sure the fuel lingering in the carburetor bowl is nice and fresh.)

  • The Off-Grid Kitchen
    The Off-Grid KitchenMonth ago

    Come stop in at a Ballina so we can check out your off-Grid Kitchen? We are close to Byron Bay.

  • Rolande Strandquist
    Rolande Strandquist2 months ago

    I would do wind

  • Nikki G. Trimmer
    Nikki G. Trimmer2 months ago

    Just donated and entered to WYNN that awesome camper! Thanks for being your awesome selves!

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago


  • Denise Stejskal
    Denise Stejskal2 months ago

    Honda 2000 runs silently and for hours on 1 gal of gas. It’s amazing and yes we used it to grind coffee while under way. You can plug your plugs directly into the generator. It also doesn’t weigh too much. It’s our favorite generator besides the new solar generators by Jackery. I love your galley!!

  • Hello
    Hello2 months ago

    enjoy your content, hmm this pair really was meant to be in front of the camera..its not about the Boat or Rv it's the presence and they have that!

  • Brian McGrady
    Brian McGrady2 months ago

    They are called fiddlers and you will be better making them because you dont have the stove to fit them to.

  • Tim Vaillancourt
    Tim Vaillancourt2 months ago

    Add a DC to DC charger to your engine along with a victron 120 amp charger. Your lithium batteries can take what ever amps you can throw at it. Will charge when you need that little bit extra.

  • Marc Longwood
    Marc Longwood2 months ago

    Sailing UMA (USplan channel) has gone all electric on their sailboat, including their engine, so they talk a lot about electric systems. The biggest thing for them is regeneration from their electric engine. I think they even did an episode about a cat with electric motors.

  • BrasseSasse
    BrasseSasse2 months ago

    Great, informative video.

  • Christian Campbell
    Christian Campbell2 months ago

    Regeneration idea: Get a stationary bike hooked up to an alternator. Gen some power while staying in shape on those dreary days!

  • Allan Fifield
    Allan Fifield2 months ago

    i have a propane wall furnace for my cabin. I use it as little as possible (almost, almost never), and I use my Franklin wood stove and electrical space heaters. If I'm out of wood and the electricity is off and the road is snowed/iced in, then I use propane. Frankly I'm scared of it. I know of two cabins that went KA-BOOM ! (tm) due to a propane leak. That's two over 30 years in my area. I'm pretty sure that more than two cabins have lost to chimney or electrical fires in that time frame, so it's psychological for me. I just can't sleep well as that wall heater cycles on and off in my bedroom. I have dreams of the pilot flame blowing out between cycles. YMMV.

  • Allan Fifield

    Allan Fifield

    2 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns Thank You

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    If you're using propane, but a propane detector and buy a separate Carbon Monoxide detector (they make combo units but they don't work as well). Install per the instructions (propane low near the floor, CO up on the wall) and you'll sleep much better at night. Curious Minion

  • André Rimkus
    André Rimkus2 months ago

    How do you manage the energy production in areas with only a few sun hours a day? We are frequently in high altitudes and our solar production goes down to nearly zero.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Well depending on your situation you could add more panels, tilt the panels you have, or you'd need to rely more on a system like a generator to stay powered up. Curious Minion

  • Goobfilm cast
    Goobfilm cast2 months ago

    Keep your back-up as simple as possible....A quality dual fuel generator/inverter is likely best in a pinch....and you can shop for your exact power needs. It's self-contained and the quickest, most flexible way to (partially) charge your batteries....and if you rarely need it, it needs little maintenance and takes up the space of one set of dive gear w/tank...you can even take it ashore if need be....

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbh2 months ago

    can you use a socket adapter on your cordless drill to start the gen set? ?

  • luftra
    luftra2 months ago

    Firstly, a top loading refrigerator/freezer would be more effficient than a side loading one. But don't believe me: usplan.info/two/video/zHVut3BhnqqwjoA.html Secondly, your current unit looks like a CoolBlue or SeaFrost. These units are probably the most efficient you can buy but are expensive. The CoolBlue claims that it only cycles 4 times in 24 hours. Now the unfortunate part is the price (about $3,000 USD) - chest not included! But don't believe me: Technautics CoolBlue: usplan.info/two/video/uZea0LKma5bOm3g.html usplan.info/two/video/1qN3s3Fnonaqb6Y.html usplan.info/mem/qSRoyW_reKXRp9ElrjcikQ.html SeaFrost: usplan.info/two/video/lqCfqXFnZaHXeJ4.html It may just need some freon(?) Thirdly, here is a "non-marine" solution that you may wish to consider. Very efficient and a lot cheaper than those "marine-specific" solution. But don't believe me: sundanzer.com/ www.solar-electric.com/lib/wind-sun/sundanzer50spec.pdf www.solar-electric.com/lib/wind-sun/Sundanzer165-225.pdf Fourthly, if you have enough battery/solar you may wish to consider just buying a regular chest freezer. The "Economy of Scale" makes these 110/120 volt A/C units very, very cheap. The trick here is to bypass the built-in thermostat (by setting it on the coldest setting). And purchasing a different thermostat (with a 110 volt relay). Jonson Controls A19AAT-2C Freezer Temperature Controller OPULENT SYSTEMS Digital Controller Thermostat Briidea Digital Thermostat There are dozens of others Why all this trouble? Because you need an inverter to power your chest freezer and you don't want it to run 24x7 - right? You also should match the watts of the inverter to the watts required by the chest freezer (with a slight buffer). Getting a larger inverter is only a waste of energy (notice they have heatsinks). Now the good news is that both of these units are way cheaper than the above solutions. But don't believe me: usplan.info/two/video/tWqstnGGnmiUrZo.html This couples solution would be more efficient if they shortened their D/C line. Lastly, I own that Breville Convection Oven and the convection fan has failed me twice! Have you checked if yours is still blowing? It makes a slight humming noise when broken. Have a nice day, :

  • Eric M
    Eric M2 months ago

    Maybe it's time to go all out electric? Torqueedo? OceanVolt? Not cheap, but if you plan on keeping Curiosity for the foreseeable future it might be worth the investment. The regeneration is great and there's a lot of space for batteries where those diesel engines and fuel tanks are (which you could obviously sell to recoup some of the cost).

  • Bob Stern
    Bob Stern2 months ago

    What brand and model is your toaster oven? I didn’t see it on your web page. Love your videos.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Look harder! There's a link to the Breville in that very blog post. Don't forget that shopping through the links provided won't cost you anything extra but it will throw a few pennies into the sailing kitty. Curious Minion

  • nuget102
    nuget1022 months ago

    The only complaint I've heard from people who have gone full electric (after doing their due diligence) is that they didn't do it sooner.

  • Christina Hyson
    Christina Hyson2 months ago

    I'm slowly saving up for a bus or horsetruck to convert into a full-time, off-grid abode and would love to use this sort of setup to save space, etc. It looks as if you have more solar panels on the boat than would fit on a bus or truck. Do you reckon we could generate enough solar power to go w/out propane? I believe you may have already had the griddle (or one like it) when you were still living in your RV, no?

  • t t
    t t2 months ago

    What in your bread 🍞 . It looks interesting 🤔

  • AmSamFam
    AmSamFam2 months ago

    This was super helpful!! We are in the process of buying our first sailboat and hate the galley 😄We also really like the idea of getting switched over to electric as much as possible. Then we came across this and we're realizing that we can totally do this! Thanks so much for all the info. Will let you know how ours turns out.

  • crikycrocky
    crikycrocky2 months ago

    Solar + wind in my opinion is the way to go. That's how I went with my last two boats and how I am going to go with my latest, (when I can eventually get to it. Locked up UK here). Solar is great in sunny times and places but when the sun is shaded or cloudy, the chances are the wind is picking up which is when the wind turbine comes into its own and even generally there is probably some wind throughout the day, so always supplementing the solar at least a bit.

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S2 months ago

    Made my own power for 30 years. Currently running 4 homes on it. Thats experience. I agree with the electrical Engineer, add a high output alternator onto one existing boat engine. Make it optional, ie not always running. You can get an electrical operated clutch like a car air conditioner uses. And run it off a V belt. Both wind generator and hydro are finnicky and much lower output, and might not be there when you choose to use it. The alternator IS always available, and should be way cheaper to do. It is possible to buy a new dIY fridge unit or freezer unit that you install and then bolt the pipes together. You wouldnt need to rip out all your existing insulation etc Just drill holes for the new pipes and wire it up. The great thing about these is you get to put the motor that gets hot well away from the fridge you want to keep cool. Readily available in New Zealand for about $1500NZ .

  • Mark Egg
    Mark Egg2 months ago

    Add solar, so trivial: you've got sufficient batteries (storage), that's GOOD (and the expensive part)! Now just add some panels to make "gray days" still fine for your power needs.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson2 months ago

    There were some great replies from some really smart engineers. All I have is my own experience. 1600 watts of LG bifacial panels that regularly put out 1800 watts of power. 2 Victron solar controllers. 600ah DIY LiFeP04 battery. Starboard engine has a 130 amp alternator in addition to the standard 80a. The 130a alternator only charges the house bank, and the 80a only charges the start battery. I use a Wakespeed WS-500 regulator to ensure the house battery is charged to the correct voltage and charge profile, and that I don't overheat the alternator. Honestly, if I didn't have that alternator I probably wouldn't miss it. I've never run that engine simply to charge. The alternator was there when we bought the boat, I just changed the regulator. I don't have as many electric appliances as you do, but have a 12v watermaker that I run every other day, and my water heater comes on automatically every day through the relay output on my solar controllers. We also have a toaster oven that runs every day, and an instant pot that we use at least every other day. Plus a big refrigerator and a deep freezer, and a washing machine with an insanely power hungry sanitize cycle (1000+ watts for two hours). I do still have a working generator, but now I have to keep track of when I run it. I try to run it at least once every six weeks just to circulate the oil.

  • John Anderson

    John Anderson

    2 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns I forgot to mention, we also have a DC air conditioner in the master cabin. It burns between 250 and 350ah a night depending on how hot it is. If you really loved Nikki you'd buy her one. 😀 Tina said Hi.🙋

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Thank you so much for sharing! I have been looking at the wakespeed but interesting to hear you don't really use the alternator or gene much either. I am sensing a pattern here. 😉

  • Vadim Smilansky
    Vadim Smilansky2 months ago

    next step - replace your engines with electric. You know, talk to Uma, Sailing wisdom and other guys. I think it will make you even more happier

  • Michelle Wilson
    Michelle Wilson2 months ago

    I’m obsessed with my instant pot, do you use one? We aren’t on a boat but we are living in our RV and I love how versatile it is.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    She does have a pressure but not an IP. It's in the kitchen faves section of the gear store: www.gonewiththewynns.com/product/pressure-cooker Curious Minion

  • Kevin Delka
    Kevin Delka2 months ago

    Not that you don't know this, OceanVolt.

  • Peter MacLean
    Peter MacLean2 months ago

    Hi why not use the integral system that is on distant Shores new boat usplan.info/two/video/xGmnq4BjZ6Skfao.html

  • Community Spring Water
    Community Spring Water2 months ago

    Generator, high quality like Honda gas or onboard diesel, small is fine just takes a little longer to charge the batteries. FULL electric backup if any of the other electrical system components fail.

  • Mork
    Mork2 months ago

    Wynns Win Again another award performance by the one's and only Nikki & Jason, I love all thing's Lithium, Boat, Car, Motorhome & everything else. Sailing La Vagabonde are a family of Ozzies ( Australian's ) who keep talking about Electric sailboat but you guys just kick their butts so lets face it they & the whole sailing-boating community need your HELP. Love your work long time watcher.

  • Paul Tyler
    Paul Tyler2 months ago

    Hi Nikki, What size/type inverter are you running and do you have limitations like, you cant grill and oven at the same time because it trips the inverter limits? Thanks in advance. Paul svYikes Aust.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    All about the electrical system can be found in this post: www.gonewiththewynns.com/charge-boat-batteries Curious Minion

  • Tommy Holly
    Tommy Holly2 months ago

    🤮 Omaze is a scam and the Wynn’s are helping them. They are a FOR PROFIT company posing as a charity fundraiser. In reality, they only pass along around 5%. That’s it. The other 95% goes in their pockets and to pay for all these expensive ads. Please, if you really care and actually want to help, donate to a real charity, not these scammers. If you are here to win a prize, a casino has better odds.

  • Tommy Holly

    Tommy Holly

    2 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns Jason, you’ve posted this line before. Omaze claims to be a “charity fundraiser”. It’s right on their own website for you to read. As a charity fundraiser, they only pass along around 5%. That makes them one of the worst of these charity scammers. Also, “Access Fund” isn’t a charity. It’s a political advocacy group of mostly lawyers that spends money on lobbyists and political campaigns. So the extremely small amount of money doesn’t even get passed to a charity.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Omaze doesn't claim to be a charity - it is an online fundraising platform offering campaigns and merchandise which raise funds for various charitable causes.Their website gives a great explanation of how it all works and how much money from each type of campaign goes to the charity they're supporting. They tend to support smaller charities that people might not hear about otherwise, and those charities LOVE Omaze because they get exposure they could never get on their own. Check it out here: www.omaze.com/pages/about-us Curious Minion

  • Randall J. Hergert
    Randall J. Hergert2 months ago

    Are you waiting for cyclone season to calm before moving on to NZ? My wife and I have enjoyed your videos since discovering your channel when you passed through the Cook Islands before the pandemic ruined our travel plans to go there ourselves. But we keep traveling vicariously through you two, so thanks for that!! Any source of sanity helps, and your channel is certainly helping with that haha! Also, the way you two respond to problems and challenges [ or at least what we see on the channel ;) haha ] is great to see. You always seem to embrace it as just another part of life, and it's a good example to always be reminded of. Best of luck in your future endeavors!!

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Well they won't be covered by their insurance if they leave Tonga during cyclone season, but the other problem is that there's no clear path to get into NZ at this point either. Curious Minion

  • Carson C
    Carson C2 months ago

    I'm happy that you two are going through this ahead of me. You're doing it exactly how I would do it. But now I can do it without thinking twice.

  • Mitch's Hobbies
    Mitch's Hobbies2 months ago

    Hey, how does that boat with stand strong winds like a hurricane or tornado. etc. Would it just suck right up compared to a standers sail boat?

  • AGM inTiverton
    AGM inTiverton2 months ago

    Hi all! My wife replied for me on Philip Garrett's post from 4 days ago but I wanted to be sure you realized some import points. As a MSEE and having decades of experience in electronic systems, I am in full agreement with Philip's/Nigel's suggestions. More importantly, don't be dissuaded by those who say that it isn't good for diesel engines to idle for long periods of time, as when charging batteries. There are millions of diesels idling or operating at low speeds in factories and transportation throughout the world. Although others may also say that doing so isn't Green, high output bulk charging reduces the charge time so the amount of emissions release is probably less than slow charging by fossil fuel means. Lastly, if you had knowledgeable engineer figure a way of utilizing you existing shore power

  • AGM inTiverton

    AGM inTiverton

    2 months ago

    Sorry, I crapped out before finishing. As I was saying, figure a way of utilizing your existing shore power battery charger, like connecting the alternators' outputs to the battery charges AC input probably using simple rectification, you could conceivably do without any additional electronic hardware. Good Luck! A.G.M.

  • Ralf from SV Barbarella
    Ralf from SV Barbarella2 months ago

    Great video. Thank you! Since you ask for feedback and you show a Watt & Sea POD 600 at 12:30 SETUP: Or boat “Barbarella” is a Nautitech 46 FLY catamaran with a fully electric kitchen. We still have our original AGM 700Ah batteries that came with the boat 3 years ago (they will only be upgraded to lithium or Firefly once the AGMs go weak). Deliberately no generator because of weight, environmental, cost and space (in that order) reasons. Batteries are charged with 1860 Watts of solar, a Watt & Sea POD 600 and two 115 Amps alternators that came with the Volvo D2-40. We have two fridges, one freezer, a watermaker, two induction stoves, one oven (Jet Chef Premium), a kettle, milk frother (I just love my latte macchiato in the morning) etc. Maybe it does not sound like it but, like all boaters, we try to be very energy efficient. WATT & SEA POD 600: Being a catamaran I would not install a Watt & Sea POD 600 again. The reason is that even though we try to go slow, sometimes somehow there are the occasional high winds and big swells and we start surfing down waves at speeds of more than 12, 13 or 15 knots. Once at 19.9 knots our 240mm propeller disintegrated completely. Now we have a much smaller propeller which withstands higher speeds. However, with the small propeller at 7 knots speed we only see around 50 Watts and at 8 we see 100 Watts etc. more or less. We do appreciate 50 Watts at a reasonable cruising speed of 7 knots, but looking at the cost per Watt it is not worth it. Depending on the space you have at your transom I would rather look for a traditional Watt and Sea. OVERALL electric kitchen and electric system SATISFACTION: We are extremely happy with our electric kitchen, however unlike you we already start praying for sun after 2-3 days of clouds. Over the last 3 years we only had to run our diesel engine - just to generate electricity - once for two hours because we needed more electricity during a crossing and twice for two hours because we were stuck in an area and climate due to Covid that did not have enough sun. So, for me this is fine, because if you never ever have to run the diesel engines (which we have on board anyways) to generate electricity then your renewables are probably over specced. Would we like to have more power? YES!!! We could then use our oven more often, baking bread not just when the sun is up etc. etc. So maybe we will add a second alternator to one of our Volvo engines… but then, so far, our prayers for sun after 2-3 days of clouds worked amazingly well 😊 Ping me if you have questions and thanks again for your great videos. Ralf from Barbarella

  • Bill Peterson Galleries
    Bill Peterson Galleries2 months ago

    Just wondering since you have two diesels in the boat and you're only talking about rare'ish times when solar doesn't cut it, why would you not just put a cople of higher output alternators on one or both diesels? And if ha-ha you don't like burning diesel at anchor, go for a little motorboat ride those days :)

  • Flavius Tech
    Flavius Tech2 months ago

    I don't own a boat, but when is cloudy and stormy days, i guess a wind generator is more suitable for your cases. Hidroturbine is kinda useless when u are at anchore. And fossil generator sux :)

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown2 months ago

    Excellent as usual!!!

  • petnzme01
    petnzme012 months ago

    0⁰ is freezing temp not 34

  • Caframo
    Caframo2 months ago

    We love all your recommendations and are thrilled to see the Sirocco II helping keep you cool and comfortable in the galley!

  • dutch korreke
    dutch korreke2 months ago

    Did you consider to use an “airfryer”?

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones2 months ago

    People seem to be keen to spend a lot of your money and over complicate the systems on your boat . You say that your existing solar setup is adequate most of the time. The occasional times that you need a top up a Honda suitcase generator is going to be economic to purchase and to run. If you want additional backup modifying your existing alternators with a 3 stage controller like the Sterling or Balmar and a FET low loss split charge controller ,like the Victron Argofet 100-3, on your existing propulsion engine alternators would charge both your start batteries and your house batteries . This would be a simple low cost modification.

  • Paul LoPresto
    Paul LoPresto2 months ago

    I am looking for a “toaster”oven for my new apartment “had to sale my boat due to health reasons”. How long have you had yours on the boat? I am conserved about all the electronic controls failing after a short time. But if it can last in a marine environment, it should last on land.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    They've had the Breville for 2 years now. There's a link to it in the blog post, and don't forget that shopping through the links provided won't cost you anything extra but it will throw a few pennies into the sailing kitty! Curious Minion

  • rsrguy
    rsrguy2 months ago


  • Richard G
    Richard G2 months ago

    We do not have a diesel generator. We have 800watts of solar and a Watt & Sea hydro generator. On passage we are usually positive in the use/generate equation so we get to the destination at 100% charge. At anchor we are negative. We usually do not stay long in one place so no problems. In emergency, we have a little Honda generator that we pull out to recharge. It can recharge at a rate of 80amps continuous. It takes the same type of fuel as the dinghy. You need to be able to adjust the charger load otherwise the generator is not powerful enough to start at 80. Our Mastervolt charger can be controlled remotely to permit that. I usually start it at 30amps and ramp it up to 80 over 30 seconds. If we start at 80 the generator chokes and disconnect. In a bind it’s a good and relatively cheap backup option.

  • Steven Dragoo
    Steven Dragoo2 months ago

    You guys have adapted very well to water life...

  • Mallory Butts
    Mallory Butts2 months ago

    Call Keith

  • Mallory Butts
    Mallory Butts2 months ago

    All 3 ways

  • Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average
    Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average2 months ago

    I'm not an electrical engineer,but i suggest listening to the Electrical engineers.

  • Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average
    Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average2 months ago

    S70USD for that little thing!?,we have the same thing here in Australia for S29,i guess our cheap is different. ;-)

  • Adrian Percival
    Adrian Percival2 months ago

    While cruising Tonga in 2019, we upgraded one of our cats alternators to a Balmar XT170 in after our generator broke its crankshaft. The belt kit went straight on to our Yanmar 3YM30 and I managed to get the heavy duty cable from the auto parts supplier in Vavau. Sopac in Auckland supplied the Balmar gear. Its a great backup for when the sun isn't shinning. It was very satisfyingly to permanently remove the generator!

  • John DiToro
    John DiToro2 months ago

    You can’t charge your batteries by running your engine?

  • Bud Chestnut
    Bud Chestnut2 months ago

    Had a pleasant conversation with Scott at Northern Lights. He said the engine is a Shibaura with a Tiyo powerhead. It is registered by Lloyds of London for serious ocean going saiing. It is a fine unit. Scott says you can get parts from dieselpartsdirect.com If all you need is a starter etc. They are Northern Lights dealers. If the unit is approaching 20,000 hours or appears to be seized you may just replace the engine or have it rebuilt but do not ditch the generator. Have you tried rotaing the crankshaft with a breaker bar? It is a matter of personal safety to have more than one source of backup power. Putting all your eggs in the Lithium and Solar basket will not give you that security. If you think you will get buy well without the generator then consider how MANY hours you have used it. God bless you!

  • Henk van Heerden
    Henk van Heerden2 months ago

    Solar power is so much more affordable nowadays, therefore I would expand on your current layout and upgrade your alternators. Running the main motors with upgraded alternators as part of your planned maintenance will be a substitute for your generator, and confirm all is well with your main motors. Keep up the great work. Cheers Henk

  • I See You
    I See You2 months ago

    So most of that stuff is 120AC powered via a inverter?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago


  • Bud Chestnut
    Bud Chestnut2 months ago

    Adding to your plethora of "electrical engineers". Can we revisit the failed generator issue? Even if you go with more Lithium batteries and storage, a generator is nice for emergencies and for topping up when you have two weeks of overcast! Is the only problem with the gennie the bad starter? What are all the things the gennie needs? The starter can be rebuilt in a major port. Ship it ahead to New Zealand or Australia. Any good Starter/generator/alternator shop should be able but ask your sailing cohorts. For marine use it is probably best to get a fresh factory built starter. What Powerhead does the generator have? How many hours on the gennie total? I see the gennie is a Northern Lights 6KW but what make is the engine and the generator head they use? And yes I am an electrical/electronics engineer with 50" years experience and I sail and pursue the RV life! Keep up the good posts.

  • aubry stiltz
    aubry stiltz2 months ago

    Get an oceanvolt electric motor, it’s an electric engine and doubles as hydro generator while you’re sailing