Scammed on Anchor Chain, What You NEED To Know

This is the cautionary tale of how we got scammed and what we’ve learned.⚓⛓ Check out the DJI Mini 2 drone (it's perfect for beginners):
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In the past four years we’ve purchased anchor chain for our sailboat twice (and changed it 3 times). Not something any boat owner wants to say.
We only have a few more important boat projects to tackle before we can splash, sail, and live on the hook once again. And when I say important, I mean it. Because aside from making sure we stay afloat, chain and ground tackle is the most important part of living on a boat.

So, today we’re swapping out our crappy, rusty, unreliable chain for hopefully the last time. We’re also sharing the cautionary tale of how we got scammed and what we’ve learned along the way.
We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.
Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:
00:00 Intro & How We Got Here
01:05 Solar Roasting Our Own Coffee
03:01 New Drone: DJI Mini 2
04:12 Ripped Off - Anchor Chain Story
09:30 Removing Trashed Anchor Chain
13:56 Getting New Anchor Chain
18:27 Rust Control & CleanUp
22:10 End Screen Challenge
#Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle
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  • Gone with the Wynns
    Gone with the Wynns5 months ago

    Hey Everyone! After researching chain more and more we found a certification for anchor chain. Could be worth looking into if you aren’t buying the ACCO brand. There’s more details in our blog post: Also, in the video I forgot to mention that all the drone shots are from the Mini 2. I do think it’s a great little drone and perfect for travelers and beginners. Here’s the link if you want to check it out: Thanks for watching…and if you’re in the process of buying chain I hope this saved you a couple thousand bucks and a huge headache 😱🙏🏻 - Love from the both of us

  • Илья Крикунов

    Илья Крикунов

    4 months ago

    @adrian attrell плђажЖћ ччћ ччћ шп шчч по ч00шшћмчђж ччћ НП Чћћнк км ј км МК лож шАлћалалћ

  • Илья Крикунов

    Илья Крикунов

    4 months ago


  • adrian attrell

    adrian attrell

    4 months ago


  • Warren DeMars

    Warren DeMars

    5 months ago

    I bought the Mini 2 a month or so ago and love it. I'm a beginner too.

  • Jerry Kobold

    Jerry Kobold

    5 months ago

    Why not just buy stainless steel?

  • Barry Wind
    Barry Wind2 days ago

    I've been telling boaters what the US Navy does... they coat their chain with black boat paint.

  • SilverFox
    SilverFox3 days ago

    Why not go SS?

  • SilverFox


    2 days ago

    @Gone with the Wynns Ha-ha OK fair enough :-D Thanks for answering. I have seen many boats with them so that's why I was curious. Minion out :-)

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 days ago

    Stainless is subject to something called "work hardening" and can become brittle & snap with no warning. It's also expensive. Curious Minion

  • Loren Wilson
    Loren Wilson11 days ago

    Does anyone put a fiberglass insert in their chain locker with holes drilled in it for the chain to sit on so it isn't sitting in salt water most of the time? Then when you rinse it, the water drains through the holes down to the bottom of the locker, and out.

  • Joe Church
    Joe Church12 days ago

    I can't take this guys hair seriously...

  • Pilot Guy Chris
    Pilot Guy Chris12 days ago

    Wow what a horrible looking piece of junk that chain looks 20 years old LOL. I think before the one-hour point I would have got the angle grinder out and cut it into nice 10ft liftable chunks and tossed it overboard. What a horrible way to be scammed. Thank you for warning us all.

  • kraftzion
    kraftzion12 days ago

    You might want to check for stray electrical current. I am far from a anchor chain or yacht expert but you might have a problem. Off the top of my head, I would at least buy a cheap voltage meter, hang the anchor right above the water, put 1 lead to the anchor and the other to the water and check on dc scale(ac also if ac on board) . The winch would be my prime suspect. You probably already know this but research galvanic corrosion and bonding if you don't.

  • Clifford Williams
    Clifford Williams12 days ago

    This chain story represents so many projects. Start out "okay I'm gonna buy a chain how hard could that be!" Wind up being an expert in chain, hearing about the mysterious handful of manufacturers in the world that actually produce quality chain.......

  • Barrett Abney
    Barrett Abney14 days ago

    Pour the beans from the pan into a towel and then fluff the towel for 60 seconds. Beans cooled, super fast.

  • Tom Dees
    Tom Dees14 days ago

    ...why am I watching a video about bad anchor chains...I don't own a boat or anchor chains...🙃

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    13 days ago


  • Ed Frawley
    Ed Frawley16 days ago

    Hard to believe that chain rusted that badly that quick. I used to hang G7 transport chains with no galvanizing on the back of a truck year round and exposed to road salt for years without near that amount of rust. Are you spraying your chain with fresh water as you bring up the anchor?

  • Stephen Walker
    Stephen Walker17 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. Couple of things: 1. Was the bitter end of your anchor chain secured to the boat in any way at all? When you were removing the old chain it appeared just to run right out, which could be embarrassing. 2. It appeared also that you had no rope attached to the chain. I thought that most boats have an equal amount of rope as chain. Did I miss something?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    16 days ago

    It was secured before they started the removal process. That's a big "whoops!" you don't want to make hahaha. As for line vs. chain vs. combo, boats are all over the place on that one. For secure anchoring, it's important to have a length of chain attached to the anchor because the weight of the chain helps place the anchor horizontally so that it can grab the substrate. After that, line only would be fine unless you're a really large/heavy ship. Curiosity's windlass has a "gypsy" which is basically a wheel with spikes sticking out of it. The spikes are meant to go through chain links and that's how the chain is raised or lowered. Not sure it would move rope. That's my best guess as to why they have all chain. Curious Minion

  • Norman Cook
    Norman Cook17 days ago

    Sorry for your Rust issue However, you can eliminate the rust stains on the gel coat with Hydrofloric Acid ( penwalt bottles it in nice small 16 oz units) I used to own the largest sailoft in New England and we assembled the sails for sewing with staplers and eventually staples got left behind under a hem or patch , not to be seen until the owner said he had a rust stain....oops! But instead of dismanteling the sail to remove it we soaked it with the hydrofluoric and wha-la....GONE! As an architect I have used it for client's who had stone veneers with iron oxide that the rain turned into rudt on their buildings....Wah-la! So get some and squirt a sample on the chain run or locker and you will restore the boat to like new! I like you & your channel ( first viewing) Norman Cook

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    16 days ago

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Norman Cook
    Norman Cook17 days ago

    Sorry for your chain rust issue... However, the stains on your boats Hel c

  • srmatte1
    srmatte117 days ago

    To cool the beans, why don't you move them to cold pan right away?

  • Patrick Woods
    Patrick Woods18 days ago

    Kings not far from my home

  • Gene Bohannon
    Gene Bohannon19 days ago

    Chrome plating is put on pistons, I wonder if it would work on chain. Doesn't need to be polished

  • Luis Pacheco
    Luis Pacheco19 days ago

    I'm 4 months late and someone might have said this but here is my advise. To cool it quicker I suggest you switch to a cooler pan considering leaving it in the one that just came out of the oven, is retaining the heat. 😆

  • Chris Thirion
    Chris Thirion20 days ago

    There goes the bitter end

  • Ted Heavy
    Ted Heavy22 days ago

    Use an air popcorn popper. Look it up Sweet Maria's has a tutorial. Lots of people say don't use the type with the screen at the bottom don't listen to them I have used the same presto poplite for the last eight years without an issue. five ounces at a time and you shake it while you're roasting.

  • Ted Heavy

    Ted Heavy

    21 day ago

    @Gone with the Wynns No I definitely use my popper for a darker roast where the beans get all oily. Even low quality beans fresh roasted are better than Gevalia or Starbucks that are stale.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    21 day ago

    We tested this in the USA with a friend and it does work, but light roast was difficult to achieve. It worked well for darker roast. 💪🏼☕️

  • Wayne McKee
    Wayne McKee22 days ago

    My problem came when I bought chain through a Marine store I’d used for 25 years. It was sized for my windless. Immediately had problems with it jumping out of my gypsy. They took the chain back for full credit and I purchase another from the master destructor who guarantied the fit......16 years later still working great! I’m in freshwater though. It’s a crap shoot for sure.

  • David Harper
    David Harper22 days ago

    Interesting story on the chain, who would have thought that you have to be so careful in buying a simple item as a chain,, seems you get ripped of twice, i.e. on the cost and on the quality..

  • Canoe Lew
    Canoe Lew23 days ago

    Had no idea chain could be such a pain, but you made it look fun....

  • Don Wimberley
    Don Wimberley23 days ago


  • Edward Hart
    Edward Hart24 days ago

    The chain you bought was probably made in China. Don’t buy chain made in China.

  • Jon Sisk
    Jon Sisk26 days ago

    It hilarious to watch someone that has no idea what they are doing! Lol. You have never worked a hard day in your life. Thanks for the entertainment

  • Quoc Trinh
    Quoc Trinh26 days ago

    Love you guys

  • whotknots
    whotknots28 days ago

    There is a saying which has been widely used in Australia to describe anything that is not up to scratch for a long time. We say such things are "rough as guts" and that Panama chain? Definitely qualifies. If something is up to standard or better we say "it's the ducks guts".

  • MopedMike
    MopedMikeMonth ago

    Nice to have rich family...

  • T
    TMonth ago

    To cool your coffee put it in a metal colander and put that on top of a fan. WorKs beautifully!!!

  • No Longer Amused
    No Longer AmusedMonth ago

    Welcome to the world of counterfeit parts. It used to be that bolts were the biggest counterfeit item, with likely half of more of the world's supply of bolts being marked as a higher grade than what they actually were. In the automotive and aerospace industry this was a major issue as they were used in engines, mounts, and other critical applications where a sudden and catastrophic part failure can be expensive and/or deadly. China is the biggest manufacturer of counterfeit parts - computer parts, nuts & bolts, flooring, chain......

  • Stephen
    StephenMonth ago

    Ok you got me there, how the hell are they going to carry that chain between two bikes ?!!!! and I want one of those Mini 2's

  • wenona Hollis
    wenona HollisMonth ago

    I enjoy watching you guys so much he is so funny. You make life on a boat exciting. My boyfriend want to live on one and I'm like huh. Lol till I seen you guys can't wait now.

  • Honking Donk
    Honking DonkMonth ago

    "Now we can go another 10 inches " "That is not what she said " Bahahahaha

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago


  • Bukaru Sturmjäger
    Bukaru SturmjägerMonth ago

    The old anchor chain will be recycled into Heinz Beans tins, the old anchor chain was originally old Heinz Beans tins recycled into an anchor chain. BTW, I have no interest in boats, my interest is overlanding in a 38 year old campervan. It's surprising just how much kit/fixtures/fittings boats and overlanders share.

  • Golden Acres
    Golden AcresMonth ago

    For the song category: "Working on a chain gang" by Sam Cooke. Thanks for the good advice

  • Joey DR14
    Joey DR14Month ago

    Joeys useless fact of the day!!! Centipedes use adapted front legs called toxicognaths to inject venom into the victim Toxicognaths is my favourite word BTW

  • Matt Lorfeld
    Matt LorfeldMonth ago

    Sweet that you are getting into roasting. I cool my beans by pouring them between a colander and mixing bowl. Cold MN air also helps.

  • peter morelli
    peter morelliMonth ago

    Why didn't you just cut the chain

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    Because then it would just be scrap metal instead of being useful anchor chain for 2 other boats.... Curious Minion

  • TripleBlack
    TripleBlackMonth ago

    Gosh! That cheap chain in salt water is suffering a “chain reaction”! lol. Wonder how skinny it is today!

  • Aztec Warrior
    Aztec WarriorMonth ago

    GOOD LAWD ALL MITGHTY! The wife is FREAKING SMOKING HOT! OK that out of the way. It would have been REALLY nice if you would have shown the chain being installed and pulled up. Feels like a huge let down. All that lead up and then nothing.

  • Land Rover Addict
    Land Rover AddictMonth ago

    Looks like that chain was electroplated and not galvanised, if you can not stretch to stainless. Hot dipped galvanized is the only other option.

  • Mark Kuzia
    Mark Kuzia2 months ago

    Why didn't you just cut it??

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    Because then we couldn't recycle it.

  • Joe Wayne
    Joe Wayne2 months ago

    Y’all like dji huh

  • shop shop
    shop shop2 months ago

    How many drones does it take the Wynns to make a cup of coffee?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago


  • Samuel K. Tennis
    Samuel K. Tennis2 months ago

    Nikki's was better till she pulled the ? bight ? through at the end, she still had a quick release knot. ;.-)

  • Brian Nasarenko
    Brian Nasarenko2 months ago

    Loving your videos guys! But dude cut that goofy friggin hair lol 😉😁

  • Stein Johansen
    Stein Johansen2 months ago

    I just love your attitute!

  • Sailing Catamaran Element
    Sailing Catamaran Element2 months ago

    10mm Stainless chain from Germany - top class, has a 5 stamped into every 5th link. 6 years, 23,000 Nm and 33 countries later....still shiny and going strong!

  • James Westhart
    James Westhart2 months ago

    Why not use bolt cutters and take the chain out manually?

  • Robert Cowan
    Robert Cowan2 months ago

    SO WHY NOT STAINLESS STEEL CHAIN ?????????????????????????????????

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Couple reasons. The first is that it's really expensive, but more importantly, stainless is subject to something called work hardening. It becomes brittle with use and can snap with no warning. And that's never good when you're anchored. Curious Minion

  • Trevor Ward
    Trevor Ward2 months ago

    Great videography guys....the episodes just keep getting better.

  • paul gilliland
    paul gilliland2 months ago

    Niki , it’s galvanizing. I don’t think galvanization is correct.

  • David Townsend
    David Townsend2 months ago

    I'm sorry to hear that you were scammed on anchor chain. Anchor chain can definitely be re-galvanized, but not every hot dip galvanizer can do it. The galvanizer has to be able to spin the chain to remove the excess zinc after they pull it our of the hot dip tank or all of the links will stick together. In Houston, Texas, Madden Galvanizing has this capability and they can re-galvanize anchor chain. They sand blast the chain before galvanizing it. On my trawler, I had 300 feet of 5/16 HT ACCO chain that was 16 years old, rusty, but not in too bad a shape. I had it re-galvanized by Madden Galvanizing and they charged me $325. They base their charge on the weight of zinc applied to the chain. To replace the 300 foot of chain with new ACCO chain from West Marine would have cost me $1,677. To replace the chain from Defender Industries with new ACCO chain would have cost me $912, which is 46% less than the West Marine price. It's always worth checking the Defender Industries price. My re-galvanized chain is now 9 years old and it looks almost like new. When I replace this anchor chain (or when I get a new boat), I'm going with Cromox Duplex Stainless chain from Ketten Waelder. It doesn't have the issues that 300 series stainless steel has and it's only about 3 times the Defender Industries price of the ACCO HT galvanized chain. The 300 foot of Cromox Duplex Stainless chain will cost $3,200 but it will last forever.

  • Mazda rx7
    Mazda rx72 months ago

    Of course your chain is going to rust, you don't take care of it. I rinse with fresh was as it comes aboard then flush the chain locker with fresh water, after about an hour of sitting I mist cheap veg oil in the chain locker . i also neve have growth on my hulls as they are brushed off twice weelkly and get a good swim in the meantime, dry suit for colder water and hooka

  • Lakeside motorsports
    Lakeside motorsports2 months ago

    Why not just cut it and pulling out by hand ?

  • Jaymi W.P.
    Jaymi W.P.3 months ago

    This is my new favorite channel 💓 You guys are lovely, safe travels and many blessings to you both!

  • Bman
    Bman3 months ago

    I use to wire and install hardware on PDQ catamarans for 10 years. Watching this brings back memories. Never ever did sailing which is hard to believe. But ive crawled and worked in soooo many tight spaces i feel for you all.. However, its was always rewarding. Happy sailing.

  • Draconisrex1
    Draconisrex13 months ago

    Putting a wooden block down would have made a great 'soft' anvil and saved you a lot of effort.

  • Carl Lloyd
    Carl Lloyd3 months ago

    I got stung by one of them as they have them in Spain hand was like a balloon for about a week bit longer then it lived

  • Tara Traeger
    Tara Traeger3 months ago

    Hi Wynns! Love your videos! What kind of bikes do you have?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    3 months ago

    There's more info and a link to them here: Don't forget that shopping through those links won't cost you anything extra but it will put a few pennies into the sailing kitty. Happy shopping! Curious Minion

  • Michael Selby
    Michael Selby3 months ago

    The beans that you would buy (except French roast) have a small amount of moisture. That is because coffee companies (I worked for one) mist the beans with water when they come out of the roaster to stop them from continuing to cook. Since you like medium roast, that would work for you too. It's faster than air cooling and more precise.

  • Loren Kinzel
    Loren Kinzel3 months ago

    Chain storage needs a slightly elevated grate so it can dry off. That is why the further out you went, the worse it was. First in stayed wet.

  • rickblackburn
    rickblackburn3 months ago

    Cant buy fresh coffee in Panama? Hard to believe.

  • Patrick Sanders
    Patrick Sanders3 months ago


  • Patrick Sanders
    Patrick Sanders3 months ago

    If you want to cool something quik...DONT LEAVE IT ON A HOT PAN! Transfer to another cold pan!

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    3 months ago

    This isn’t actually how we cool our beans. It was a joke leading into talking about the new drone.

  • Patrick Sanders
    Patrick Sanders3 months ago

    Call Tulsa Chain! And watch SV Seeker!

  • xo ox
    xo ox3 months ago

    The 'imported' chain was from China which is *NOTARIOUS* as using cheap metals with _pretty_ platings !! - - - Like so so so many _cheap_ products that people get *burned* from China !! Sorry to hear your problems but at least its not aircraft rivets !! Consider yourselves very fortunate and very lucky you didn't pay with your lives. Remembers this for anything from China !!

  • thelastapeman
    thelastapeman3 months ago

    Should have purchased a stainless steel anchor chain made of 318LN duplex. Yes it costs quite a bit but it is good for warm water. Has a great PREN and CPT value. It has a G6 grade so it is strong. A manufacturer in Germany (Ketten Wälder) will even give you a guarantee on it. They even have a super duplex stainless steel chain with even better PREN and CPT values. Yes, again it is quite expensive but will last for ages. Some Yacht manufacturers have started to offer the chains on newly built vessels.

  • Josko Jansa
    Josko Jansa3 months ago

    I just seen you two buying a camper van, on TLC... You looked older then you look now. It must be your spoilt lifestyles... ;)

  • dirtdude
    dirtdude3 months ago

    aren't you supposed to washdown your chain with fresh water?

  • RidgeRunner4X4
    RidgeRunner4X44 months ago

    I would have sprayed 4 cans of penetrating oil all over that chain and walked away for a day or 2 then just ran it out with the windlass...

  • Wine Geek
    Wine Geek4 months ago

    where's the Nikki the Mermaid Swimsuit Calendar? :)

  • Helmsman 38
    Helmsman 384 months ago

    Friendly & Charming channel. I'll stick around for more later.

  • Patrick Radcliffe
    Patrick Radcliffe4 months ago

    At a minimum you should paint the bitter end and the last 50' of chain. It's not surprising that when you left it on the hard for a year without any preservation of the chain.

  • my surly trucker
    my surly trucker4 months ago

    Man that chain looks like its been at the bottom of the sea for years , I would cut that of down there with a grinder.

  • My Dream Boat Project
    My Dream Boat Project4 months ago

    Great video guys. What a fiasco with the chain. ouch! The things we take for granted, right? Happy sailing :-)

  • Nancy Romariz
    Nancy Romariz4 months ago

    Miami is such a fraud.uuugghhhhh!!!!!

  • Alex Yi
    Alex Yi4 months ago

    love your videos. at about 15:00 min mark of this video you mention your "awesome" camera drone performance in the wind. have you thought about throwing in some product review videos? the stuff you use is obviously travel tested so your reviews would be valuable. and when it comes time for me to buy my own stuff, i'll definitely go with your tried and true, everyday used stuff. everything from cameras, drones, salt and pepper shakers, cutlery, plates, cups, blankets, survival gear, etc... thanks for vids!

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    4 months ago

    There aren't many vids, but there is a whole Gear Store on the GWTW blog with links to lots of their favorite things! Some even have dsicount codes for substantial $$$$ off! Shopping through the links won't cost you anything extra and it'll throw a few pennies into the sailing kitty, so go shop! Curious Minion

  • Skip Mars
    Skip Mars4 months ago

    happened on this video by accident. Pathetic.

  • Chuck Fowler
    Chuck Fowler4 months ago

    Wow that is crazy how much crap flaked off that chain.

  • qb
    qb4 months ago

    What if you splash it with fresh water in storage bin, before storing. When chain is new and clean, you can also spray paint it and spray oil after. 316 stainless is not much more expensive

  • BajaNate
    BajaNate4 months ago

    Can you use the anti_corrosion spray on the chain?

  • shangaosurprise
    shangaosurprise4 months ago

    Your Breville toaster oven looks great!

  • Jason Malone
    Jason Malone4 months ago

    So did you get your money back? If you paid for it with a credit card and have the correspondence and you are telling the truth about not getting what you were told you were getting, you can file a dispute with your credit card company. They should give you, your money back.

  • Jason Malone

    Jason Malone

    Month ago

    @Wally Kramer Wally, sorry, I work for a credit card processor. I don’t know anything about boats or chain, but I happen to be an expert at chargebacks and that is why I knew about it and suggested it. You should talk to the seller before filing a dispute, but that may not be required depending on the reason for the dispute. The point is that it is courteous to give the seller a chance to remedy the situation, especially because they are charged a fee for every chargeback (win or lose). And you are wrong about debit card chargebacks as well. The rules are slightly different because the Federal Government considers them similar to cash transactions. But the principal is the same. Everything I just said can be confirmed with a 5 second Google search.

  • Wally Kramer

    Wally Kramer

    Month ago

    @Jason Malone That is true of a credit card-sort of. But with a debit card (which is what most people now use), there is no transaction dispute process. Even for a credit card, you don't dispute with the card company: you have to take it up with the merchant. And that is a royal pain even in a civilized area like Europe. In Panama, I would expect them to not respond to the dispute documentation and not answer the phone.

  • Jason Malone

    Jason Malone

    Month ago

    @Wally Kramer maybe you don’t know anything about credit cards, and it sounds like you don’t. If you buy something with a credit card and don’t get what what was promised to you you can dispute that transaction. It is called a chargeback. You call your card issuer and file the dispute. Without asking the merchant (seller), they take the money back from the merchant’s bank account through and ACH debit and give you a provisional credit. The merchant is then contacted and given a chance to prove their case. In this case the seller admitted they did not sell them what they were told them they were buying. As long as you are telling the truth you should win and get to keep the money. If you lie and get caught, you may lose the ability to get a credit card in the future.

  • Wally Kramer

    Wally Kramer

    Month ago

    Maybe you missed the bit about "bought in Panama"? Like most of the world, retail sales is equivalent to "you buy it, you bought it" and "all sales final".

  • BenjaminFranklin99
    BenjaminFranklin994 months ago

    Ditch the rubber roller. Have a machine shop make one out of stainless steel, with a bronze oil impregnated bushing for the bearing the roller rides on. That chain is TOTALLY shot. Throw it away NOW. I've never SEEN such heavily corroded chain. I'm soooo old that we navigated with a sextant. Electric watches had tuning forks, not crystals. You could hear them hum, if you put the watch next to your ear. We lit, heated, and cooked with kerosene. Our food was canned or dried. All of that electronic stuff that is used today didn't exist. Broadcast radios? No. Weather faxes, nope. GPS? Nope. Radar? Nope. They existed, but were heavy, expensive, and used too much juice. Satellite phones? Nope. Cel phones? Nope. AIS? Nope. Electronic charts and plotters? Nope. You get the idea - Joshua Slocum mark II. The famously clumsy Gerald Ford was POTUS. There was a popular song called "Sailing," by the rather nasal Rod Stewart. . Voyaging catamarans were for crazy, clueless landlubbers. They were doomed to capsize and kill their crews. The real old salts were dubious about fiberglass boats. Etc.

  • BenjaminFranklin99
    BenjaminFranklin994 months ago

    G4 specifies the strength and alloy of the chain. Galvanization is not specified by the designation. What's wanted is hot dipped galvanized. The finish should look dull and dusty, and rather irregular and a bit lumpy, not bright and shiny and perfect looking. That indicates hot dipped, not plated. Friends don't let friends buy Chinese anchor chain. I'd stick with ACCO. I'm an old voyaging yachtie - so old I had BBB chain, because G4 didn't exist in my day. ACCO G4 is the best anchor chain today. ACCO G4 has G4 stamped on every link, quite prominently. This chandler has great prices -|2276108|2276124

  • Jeff Durden
    Jeff Durden4 months ago

    Chain quick info. Italian made is best. US made is OK. Chinese stuff is crap.(I wouldn't even use it for a fresh water mooring)

  • M.
    M.4 months ago

    Thats Not what she Said.. 🐷🙈 12:36

  • David Harbison
    David Harbison4 months ago

    There is a company Tulsa Chain in Tulsa Ok did a show with SV Seeker and talked about this very thing. The guy talked about how to tell if galvanization is good. He said if it is rough and not super smooth then it's not good chain. He said good chain is super smooth. It makes since. You see galvanized metal on old barns still good 50 or 60 years old that don't look even close to that rusty. I realize barn tin isn't in salt water but you guys fresh water rinsed everything extremely well and look at what happened. If you see the two different types side by side you will be able to tell it easily.

  • Will Scrudato
    Will Scrudato4 months ago

    "Thats not what she said" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    4 months ago


  • Samm Hill
    Samm Hill4 months ago

    Why not Stainless Steel chain?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    4 months ago

    Stainless is subject to "work hardening" which means it gets brittle & can break without warning. Not a good thing for an anchor chain! It's also a lot more expensive. Curious Minion

  • Green Lion
    Green Lion4 months ago

    She looks likes she's been working out! I'd miss the gym too much on a boat. :(

  • Randy R
    Randy R4 months ago

    All this talk about chain, how much chain do you carry? Thanks

  • Arno Jansen
    Arno Jansen4 months ago

    Hi, why do you not want to get a stainless steel chain? I think it’s better as change every 2-3 years the chain and in the end it’s cheaper?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    4 months ago

    Because stainless steel is subject to "work hardenining" and gets brittle with use. It will fail with no warning. Curious Minion

  • RVstreet
    RVstreet4 months ago

    You guys are such a great chain gang. But for real, I always luv watching you two. Doing vid's myself on our channel and watch how you guys tell a story I think to myself....WOW the time they take to set up all these different shots, then shoot, then edit in post etc, etc. The time you take to put together a good story is just fantastic. I luv you guys so much and you inspire me to do better. But I'm older than you guys and not as much energy these days. I can't wait to see you guys set sail again. 💋 💋💋💋

  • War Planner
    War Planner4 months ago

    FFS, GIVE IT A REST! Boy, a WEEK with these two morons on a boat in the middle of the ocean and I would be ready to steal their dinghy and ROW to the nearest land. The interminable giggles and sappy jokes are almost unendurable. I mean, I get it! You got jobbed by the chandler in Panama but you said you got most of the money back so quit your bellyaching.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    4 months ago

    The choice to watch, continue watching, then take the time to comment about how unenjoyable we are to watch is all on you. It’s free to watch and free to click off anytime you choose. We did not get a single penny back from the chandler!

  • Bruce Boyles
    Bruce Boyles4 months ago

    Do they have stainless steel chain or does it cost too much?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    4 months ago

    It's very expensive and it's subject to something called "work hardening" which means it gets brittle over time and can fail without warning. Yikes! Curious Minion

  • hugh moss
    hugh moss4 months ago

    Oh, and in the late 80's, early 90's, car customizers started doing a lot of gold electroplating, pretty cheap, JC Whitney had a kit, you use a 12 volt battery and a bottle of solution, I'm not sure if it was really gold, but you plate the door handles, etc. But a paint or resin or rubber sounds more reasonable.

  • hugh moss
    hugh moss4 months ago

    I am hoping to help you with the fuel tank problem, but may be too late. I also must say that I appreciate your videos, have for some time. I am a future boat owner, maybe a Catalina 22 or a Hunter 23.5, soon. So your info, such as the scam on getting the right chain, is great for me. Here goes: recently I read a book, "Fix It And Sail", by Brian Gilbert, and in it he listed the elements which interact with electrolysis, and the noble ( nobility ) of it all. You may already know all of this. I didn't pay very much attention in Chemistry class, but some of it is familiar because of airplanes and motorcycles and Datsun engines. That book came out in 2006. You've probably started to get quite an understanding now of galvanic corrosion, but what most don't take into account is that you have several elements competing for electrons: Sulfer from the fuel, aluminum and it's many alloys in the tank material, copper if you're using ground straps, Sodium Chloride ( salt ), H2O, Chromium and Nickel, probably in the aluminum welding process, and stainless screws somewhere in there, and bronze or brass fittings. Then if you have Zinc anodes, it gets confusing to a metallurgist to figure out what is giving up electrons first. Cheapest solution ? You've heard it all by now. Paint, powder-coat, nickel electroplate, rubber bladders, plastic tanks ? Look into the bronze/brass fittings, they are the problem, they are causing the aluminum to be the 'sacrificial node', maybe. But what to do ? Coating the tanks, whether paint, rubber, or resin like epoxy is a good idea. And instead of the soft rubber pieces, two ideas: a hard grid-like structure to support the bottom, possibly plastic or metal, even aluminum, and a lifting device, like two straps to lift the tank about 1/2 inch high, so that you can lift it about as often as you clean out your sewer tank. When you lift it, float the cavity with clean fresh water from your watermaker, and use that drill pump ( unless you prefer the peter pump ) that everyone keeps recommending. On bikes, I am a big fan of Rustoleum spray paint, two coats will protect the tanks very well, and you can use a brush paint if you prefer. But double check if it sticks to aluminum. Read that 'noble metals' chart in that book, you should be able to find the chart online, but remember, we don't know what elements are involved, exactly. And sometimes, something as simpole as a magnet can either harm the system, or help it. NASA probably has some info about it all, but these days, everything is changing. It could be something in the fuel, or the fuel lines ! It never occured to me about the bronze or brass, but the shut-offs and valves, and such, well, think about the black or blue corrosion. Oh, and gold plating on the aluminum, maybe platinum like in the cataylitic converters. Oh, and the bedliner, for trucks, not a bad idea. Rhino liner or something like that. I like your videos, the water looks great ! Good luck, and thanks for your great attitudes !