SELF-RELIANCE AS A SAILOR (remote island living)

Today’s story is about being out on the water, in the islands, and taking advantage of what mother nature provides. From collecting rainwater to foraging with a friend and using stored power from the sun to have a date night on the deck.
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We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.
Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:
00:00 Rainy Season in Tonga
00:40 Sea Snake Hold-Up
01:35 Intro (short)
01:58 Today's Plan - ReWilding
03:00 Freediving & Spearing Outside the Reef
05:31 Island Gardening & Foraging
07:01 Our Underwater Camera Gear
09:33 Lick It (Not a Great Idea)
10:21 The Nut Cutter
11:39 Pineapple Beer (Tepache) Quick Recipe
14:10 Pizza Night Begins
15:24 Dinner and a Show on CURIOSITY
18:11 Bloopers
#BoatLife #Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #Sailboats
© Gone With the Wynns 2020


  • Baby Doll
    Baby Doll2 days ago

    Okay I’m not trying to be rude and I love the vids you guys make but the part where Jason is telling Nikki she can’t open the coconuts irks me soooo bad!! If he wants dinner so badly why can’t he start it himself? Pizza is not hard to make. Jason you’re a big boy, don’t start treating Nikki like she’s your mother.

  • Megin Snyder
    Megin Snyder3 days ago

    I love that you're watching the 80 north series that Delos did and included it in here! I love the comraderies from the sailing community!! I miss Brady :(

  • Patrick Woods
    Patrick Woods3 days ago

    However the days grow longer while some people’s lives are worth as much as ever

  • Craig R
    Craig R7 days ago

    What are you deck chairs that you are using on the bow? I see them in a number of videos.

  • Craig R

    Craig R

    6 days ago

    @Gone with the Wynns awesome thanks! Hope all is well.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 days ago

    Whenever you want more info, head over to the blog & check the categories or use the search bar at the bottom of each page. In this case you'll find a discount code for those chairs and links to the runner's up! Curious Minion

  • big whale
    big whale16 days ago

    What idiots would give a thumbs down on this ..been watching for 2 days .man it was like being there.. had a lovely vacation thx

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    16 days ago

    Thanks for sailing with us!

  • Jason A
    Jason A17 days ago

    She's gonna lose a thumb! yikes

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson18 days ago

    And take a look at the Isotta housings for GoPro... won't fog up nearly as much.

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson18 days ago

    Nauticam housings are outstanding. There are a number of housing manufacturers that have vacuum pumps to build a negative pressure seal within their housings.

  • eesha eesha
    eesha eesha20 days ago

    Hold the cheese still in one hand and drag the grater across it- way easier!!

  • Elogium
    Elogium21 day ago

    Ooh that pizza looks delicious. Nice way to chill out.

  • Roland Sorg
    Roland Sorg24 days ago

    Nice video - THANKs!

  • Auston Dusseault
    Auston Dusseault25 days ago

    that cray was food, snatch him

  • 1987Rlee
    1987Rlee25 days ago

    They should make cheese. It's fun.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    24 days ago

    They would if they could get anything but milk in a box..... Curious Minion

  • Andy Sjostrom
    Andy Sjostrom26 days ago

    Ok who tough you guys to make pizza? First you never roll your pizza dough. always hand toss it. While I think I understand why you replaced the traditionally sauce with BBQ sauce I think you put way to much on. BBQ sauce is met to be brushed on not smeared on with a shovel and a trowel. your toppings should always go on before your cheese. and speaking of cheese. GOUDA! REALLY? I can see it now Italian world wide are cussing you out in Italian for making such a blunder....hahahaha

  • Brooke Martin
    Brooke Martin27 days ago

    I don't know why but I can't wrap my mind around a super friendly But deadly venomous sea snake. 🤔🤯🐍🐉⬅️dragon emoji too. 😁

  • Concho Sewing
    Concho Sewing29 days ago

    omg, NEVER play chicken with machete and your holding hand! either secure the object you want to cut so it doesnt move and use both hands on the machete, or place machete on object you wanna cut, and slam the object and machete onto the ground , so you avoid risk of cutting yourself.

  • H W
    H W29 days ago

    This is couple goals if I’ve ever seen it

  • TheGalactica2001
    TheGalactica2001Month ago

    Pineapple growing in the garden 😍 paradise 😊

  • seapr6
    seapr6Month ago

    You guys are so good natured!

  • ludwig357412
    ludwig357412Month ago

    Please advise the music used in this video during the snorkeling scenes. Good stuff!!

  • comfortably numb
    comfortably numbMonth ago

    Try Fog X to stop your camera from fogging up. Or if you can find the dish soap made with pumice like they sell in "3rd world" countries it helps stop car windows from fogging up. I've seen Costa Ricans apply a thin layer inside car windows and it works. Or it's better than nothing.. Y'all are making me miss living in the tropics! I drank fermented pineapple there and it was awesome. My friend called it chicha de piña. Chicha is any fermented fruit or corn that isn't distilled. Thanks for the memory, I hadn't thought of chicha in a while.

  • JOY
    JOYMonth ago

    Beautiful! I love the video!

  • Stephen
    StephenMonth ago

    I Know I have only just joined you guy's. But OMG! That coconut cutting bit freaked me out. Sit down and hold it between your feet, with shoes on or folded towel so your protected and it can't roll away. Better still a Y shaped bit of tree wood to hold it so NO ! body parts are near that blade or hay de - husk them on the beach. Thombs are important, they need love to. Sorry to be an old Nanny!

  • Jeff Hunter
    Jeff HunterMonth ago

    Love your editing of the footage (cut always, music, etc). Great job!

  • Davide Bongiorno
    Davide BongiornoMonth ago

    Anybody knows where to buy those foldable chairs?

  • Davide Bongiorno

    Davide Bongiorno

    Month ago

    @Gone with the Wynns ty so much ❤️ love from Italy

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    Absolutely! I'll even give you a code for $ off & free shipping! Head to the blog & use the search bar anytime you're looking for additional info. And don't forget that shopping through the links provided will never cost you extra but will throw a few pennies into the sailing kitty. So start clicking! Curious Minion


    wow,i like ur video u 'r very nice person😊👍

  • rock ok
    rock okMonth ago

    this debate exceed far to long and far wide from east to west... the challenge is make a pineapple pizza. and eat it and describe it. i saw a pineapple in your boat that is why.. :)

  • myevado
    myevadoMonth ago

    just amazing! loved the music and the editing to the underwater shots. Need tips on startup video eqpt. for just journaling my new Solo Horizons RV adventures, cellphone/gimble and what is that tablet stand with speaker?! How would I capture the wonderful cooking shots solo? I would love to just have this for my kids and grandchildren. I'm thinking my grandson would love to learn to fly a drone and he's already good with a camera at age 6 1/2! so when he goes along that would be fun to capture. Picking up my travel trailer this week! and completely overwhelmed.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    Good luck with the big adventure! 💙💛💙

  • Damo
    DamoMonth ago

    Accent needs work but good effort. You'll be welcome in Australia. Take care.

  • No Longer Amused
    No Longer AmusedMonth ago

    In my experience when a camera case leaks it's nearly always due to something tiny that got caught up in the seal. Last time for me it was an eyelash.

  • dkchen
    dkchenMonth ago

    I use to live in Tonga... what a wonderful set of islands.

  • Monica Espinosa
    Monica EspinosaMonth ago


  • Terence Hogben
    Terence HogbenMonth ago

    Hello which is the episode with the VPN special please?

  • Terence Hogben

    Terence Hogben

    Month ago

    @Gone with the Wynns thanks bought it👍

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    I believe that's here: Curious Minion

  • Stan Barker
    Stan BarkerMonth ago

    Wow #15 on trending well done!

  • qaannat
    qaannatMonth ago

    That's so funny, y'all are watching Delos!

  • Glln Wvr
    Glln WvrMonth ago

    Please do a gag reel of Jason just sticking things in his mouth. Please. We need this.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago


  • Barry D
    Barry D2 months ago

    I watched this video when it came out and I loved the idea of a barbecue pizza. John and I both eat vegan and tonight I decided to make a barbecue pizza and it was fantastic. Mushrooms, onions, pepper and cheese. Topped it off with strawberry cheesecake bites. Stay safe and love your channel.

  • funnyglow
    funnyglow2 months ago

    The scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!

    DELMAR'S BEEN SAVED2 months ago

    You guys are the reason I got into the rv lifestyle .I'm glad you're following your dreams but I miss you guys. 🙏🏿🙏🏿Safe travels 🙏🏿❤

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller2 months ago

    Having a poisonous sea snake inspecting my dinghy. What a conversation.

  • D Neuman
    D Neuman2 months ago

    Nice 🍈 🍈 lol

  • James Pouliot
    James Pouliot2 months ago

    That pizza is a one person serving

  • Breakaway Guy
    Breakaway Guy2 months ago

    Since you're in 🇹🇴, I bet you could find someone to teach you how to peel the husk off of a coconut 🥥 .... I have freinds and family in Vava'u if you need a connection.

  • Life-Elixirs
    Life-Elixirs2 months ago

    can smell the sweetness in the air with you guys, may love surround you always...

  • Trevor d'Entremont
    Trevor d'Entremont2 months ago

    Love how guys were watching Delos!

  • Bud Chestnut
    Bud Chestnut2 months ago

    Looked everywhere on the site for your cookbook! Your cooking looks so good and we need the recipes please. Have you considered editing a cookbook? Or include the recipes in the show more and content sections?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Well you may want to get your eyes checked because there's a recipe tab on the sailing page of the blog: There aren't a ton of recipes there because Nikki is more of a "fly by the seat of the pants" cook, but maybe we'll get a cookbook someday. Curious Minion

  • CaringLoveFaith In God_ONLY TV
    CaringLoveFaith In God_ONLY TV2 months ago

    I love the Ocean. :)

  • Crystal Mathes
    Crystal Mathes2 months ago

    This song please?!

  • Crystal Mathes

    Crystal Mathes

    2 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns thank-you dears!

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Music is always listed in order of appearance In the description box.

  • Mark Ivy
    Mark Ivy2 months ago

    Whoa,she looked up at you as she was cutting that coconut husk.

  • cnyap1
    cnyap12 months ago

    Heat is your friend, condensation is from warm humid air hitting a cold surface (the glass).

  • Sandy J
    Sandy J2 months ago

    You guys should try a coconut husk remover if you do get lots of coconuts. Safer and saves time.

  • ScubaJack w
    ScubaJack w2 months ago

    A nice peaceful video - well done! As always you guys provide a nice escape for your viewers.

  • Chase Morgan
    Chase Morgan2 months ago

    So glad I came across this channel. Sending good vibes guys🤙🏼 stay safe

  • steadman hall
    steadman hall2 months ago

    Amazing per usual! The music in the video was super fun and enjoyable!

  • Hans Etter
    Hans Etter2 months ago

    Pretty underwater videos, but I would never go in the water, sharks!

  • Erin Thor
    Erin Thor2 months ago

    Immediately after watching “one of the most poisonous snakes in the world” swim away, says “let’s go swimming.” 😱😬😳

  • Daniel Hrobat

    Daniel Hrobat

    Month ago

    That’s what I thought!!! I would be sooo scared

  • The Spicy Apron
    The Spicy Apron2 months ago

    Kudos on that amazing pizza! Wonderful video (as always).

  • Di O
    Di O2 months ago

    I can’t watch the machete!! Omg it brings out the Mom in me... careful lol!! Yummy fruit

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni2 months ago

    once it's finished you've got some nice, cheese-flavored olive oil for salads or whatever.... Bon appetite!!!!

  • Michelle Collins
    Michelle Collins2 months ago

    As always a wonderful video, thanks you guyz. Im gonna have to beng watch you this coming weekend 😆

  • Pedro
    Pedro2 months ago

    That is not how you open a dry husk coconut my friend.

  • K Mac
    K Mac2 months ago

    You could have put some of that pineapple on the pizza! It’s Canadian eh. Love the channel.

  • K Mac

    K Mac

    2 months ago

    @Ailsa Ni Crocodile Dundee but nicer lol

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    2 months ago

    Nice knife and machete skills ! 👩🏻‍🍳

  • Luis Rose
    Luis Rose2 months ago

    We love you both, think your the bomb thank you for keeping us entertained. someday we will become patrons see ya next week.

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty2 months ago

    Wow. Don’t distract her when she is chopping coconut.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago


  • Jörg Rammin
    Jörg Rammin2 months ago


  • Natalie Kwok
    Natalie Kwok2 months ago

    The drinks and food look SOOOO GOOD 😌

  • Amy Jane Stewart
    Amy Jane Stewart2 months ago

    Love escaping the scamdemic as it plays out in NY, while watching your uplifting and beautiful videos. Safe travels! ***Thank you***

  • misha frog
    misha frog2 months ago

    Fun vid guys , Nikki would be a pro nut cracker if let lose Lol, may i surgest a wheeled pizza cutter to add to the kitchen drawer

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    2 months ago


  • Curtis Loud
    Curtis Loud2 months ago

    Would putong rice grains in the housing keep the dampness down and maybe less fog

  • BlackAnvil47
    BlackAnvil472 months ago

    The sea krait isn't poisonous it is venomous.....a real heart stopped of an animal

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Yes but technically you'll suffocate before your heart stops.

  • Bob McCoy
    Bob McCoy2 months ago

    Another amazing video! Nikki is amazing and classy. Jason is a goofball and very lucky, but I'm sure he knows that. Keep up the good work.

  • wrighty1957
    wrighty19572 months ago

    Such good videos to watch in these challenging times while we on lockdown ,stay safe everyone xx

  • Frank Pristov
    Frank Pristov2 months ago

    Sailing uma is worth a look

  • Andi Dwyer
    Andi Dwyer2 months ago

    The machete ands your fingers... Wow!! You were scaring me!!

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony2 months ago

    I am Australian and I couldn’t stop laughing at the accent 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Eve P.K
    Eve P.K2 months ago

    Love how yall are watching the Delos clan at the Arctic!

  • Bruce Clyne
    Bruce Clyne2 months ago

    Nice knife and machete skills ! 👩🏻‍🍳

  • Road Collector
    Road Collector2 months ago

    So much LOL at the end!

  • JRR ___
    JRR ___2 months ago

    You are going to chop your fingers off.

  • seiom jvony

    seiom jvony

    2 months ago


  • James B. Funk III
    James B. Funk III2 months ago

    The question is would you have a seven year old boy hold the coconut while you were hitting it with a machete ? Why would the life long use of you hand be any less important? Rule number 1 is always keep your body behind the tool! Throw the machete away it, it has no place on a boat. It's used for clearing fields not handwork. You both are too important to us to get maimed. By the way I'm 20 min from a hospital, how about you?

  • Jeff Allen
    Jeff Allen2 months ago

    Happy-er than a clam sitting at the bottom of the Chesapeake bay passing clam gas...

  • Neilhuny
    Neilhuny2 months ago

    20 seconds in and I'm in love with the hat! I want that hat. And such white teeth! Amazing teeth. Hey. I'm British, we notice things like that; teeth, and trimmed eyebrows on men. Strange

  • Patti Logston
    Patti Logston2 months ago

    A small piece of paper towel will help with fog moisture

  • Gary Laaks
    Gary Laaks2 months ago

    I hope Brian, Kazza and the Nugget watches The Wynns too. O almost forgot Brady and Blue too.

  • Karen Allen
    Karen Allen2 months ago

    High tide. Because people go clamming at low tide. At high tide, no one is digging for clams!

  • alida flus
    alida flus2 months ago

    It’s so wonderful to see you back at home!!! Thank you both for your commitment to this channel. I look forward to seeing you every week.

  • Gap P
    Gap P2 months ago

    Thats amazing .

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B2 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Bill Brown
    Bill Brown2 months ago

    Question.... Do curious snakes come aboard while sleeping?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    NO! Absolutely not. And if you have proof they do, don't tell me!

  • Sandy Oklahomatransient
    Sandy Oklahomatransient2 months ago

    As you were enjoying your movie, wine, and pizza that snake has made it's way onto your boat..... Nice looking pizza😊

  • William C Sallai
    William C Sallai2 months ago

    Your thumb is too close!

  • William C Sallai
    William C Sallai2 months ago

    Do you have a vacuum cleaner with hose attachment? Do you have large ZipLock bags? Place the camera and a small desiccant bag in housing, but do not close the door, then place in the ZipLock bag. Place the end of the vacuum hose into the bag and turn on the vacuum. After the air in the bag is evacuated, close & secure the camera case. This should resolve your fogging problem.

  • Ken Powell
    Ken Powell2 months ago

    killers yikes

  • Joshua Putnam
    Joshua Putnam2 months ago

    I thought the sound at the begining was fire. "How come fire and rain sometimes sound the same?"

  • Anchors Away Sailing
    Anchors Away Sailing2 months ago

    That pizza looked amazing.

  • Niko Spinella
    Niko Spinella2 months ago

    Next time you’re in a place where you can get Amazon packages, you should get a cast splitter. That’s what I’ve used to open coconuts once you hit it with a knife.

  • moz
    moz2 months ago

    be really brilliant if you hit 500k views with this vlog guys - you did it - congrats xx

  • David Turner
    David Turner2 months ago

    Strewth mate, your accent ain't fair dinkum, when you come and visit us in Straya well get it sorted, it will be ridgey didge then Cobba.

  • Ray Lane
    Ray Lane2 months ago

    Nikki: I was literally watching you chop that coconut though my fingers as I covered my face with my palm. Always love your episodes!!!

  • Miltos Exarhou
    Miltos Exarhou2 months ago

    BRAVO...2 Story Telling...made w LoVe...:)))~🙏❤️😀👏🌱🏄‍♂️🐬🌴🌈🧿