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Fiji was supposed to be a here we are six months later finally catching the last leg of our journey. And even that didn’t go the way we thought it would. But honestly, nothing this year has gone the way any of us ever thought it would.
We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.
Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:
01:38 Our Stuck-in-Fiji COVID Story
02:16 Goodbye Zatara & the Z-Crew
05:07 Lautoka Hospital
06:19 Ugo Love
07:32 20% off UGO code “WYNNS”
09:51 An Unexpected Delay
11:06 Fiji Beach Cleanup
13:21 Wine Defeat & Confirmation
15:55 Tonga Repatriation Flight
19:25 Vinaka Vaka Levu Fiji 💘
#BoatLife #Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #Sailboats
© Gone With the Wynns 2020


  • Bryan C.
    Bryan C.4 days ago

    Tonga owes alot to the Wynns. Just saying for a friend.

  • Bryan C.
    Bryan C.5 days ago

    Man, you can really see the love between these families. God bless em both.

  • reforma720
    reforma72020 days ago

    Great video! Good for you picking up trash on the beach! The world would be a better place if there were more people like you! I'll never forget walking on a beach in Guatemala and being shocked by the amount of trash left on the beach. I'm surprised the government didn't have clean up crews, it would make the beach nice again and give people jobs. By the way I discovered you guys from watching sailing Zatara.

  • Roy plumber
    Roy plumber2 months ago

    I think you have lots of fear issues Nicki Fear is control. Being with keith and his family will help you to remove this or you can run away. There was many clues but the main one was when keith said if you get stuck your welcome back and Nicki was reply we will see.

  • Trevor Ward
    Trevor Ward3 months ago

    Ouch, so glad they have improved those tests!

  • Carl Lloyd
    Carl Lloyd3 months ago

    Trick with cork heat the glass at top of bottle the cork will just pop out

  • Piers Hammond
    Piers Hammond3 months ago

    Put the wine bottle in a shoe and then keeping banging the heel of the shoe against a wall or floor and the cork will slowly rise out of the bottle!

  • Russel Hodtwalker
    Russel Hodtwalker3 months ago

    If Its and buts were candy and nuts it would be Christmas every day

  • All About
    All About4 months ago

    Y’all are precious, and the ‘Z’ crew is fantastic!

  • Bucket List Travellers
    Bucket List Travellers5 months ago

    Must have been such a relief to finally get into the air! You say Nadi right 🙌😃 My dad was born over there and whenever I near someone miss out the second n sound it makes my skin crawl 🙉

  • aldona99
    aldona995 months ago

    Repatriation? Interesting. But you’re both still American citizens, right? I’m interested in doing something similar, as far as residency is concerned, but repatriation means you’re citizens of that country. Please explain, as any information would be greatly appreciated

  • UnderGround Soldierz
    UnderGround Soldierz5 months ago

    I've had to open a bottle of wine like that & it was disgusting, The cork broke off into pieces & alot of it ended up in our glasses, We just threw the bottle out LoL.. You guys are amazing btw :)

  • gossamermoontree
    gossamermoontree6 months ago For the next time you find yourself without a corkscrew to open your bottle of wine :)

  • Jen Berg
    Jen Berg6 months ago

    I was really happy to see Nikki stop and enjoy the scenery after lugging the bags up the steep hill.

  • woody6t1
    woody6t16 months ago

    All you need is a shoelace to open a wine bottle with a cork. Push the cork into the bottle. Put a couple of knots in the end of the shoe lace and insert the knotted end into the wine so the knot is lower than the bottom of the cork. then ease up the shoe lace so the know is below the cork and pull out the cork; voila!

  • Di O
    Di O6 months ago

    WOOHOO! So happy for you. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Monica W
    Monica W6 months ago

    One would think that humans would be paying attention these days and take their damn trash with them!! 😡 Poor sea animals.. and the poor beach that looks so bad. Oh and I had to rewind that part of the video with whatever that was running on water! I'm jealous staying with Renee and Keith would be so freaking fun!!

  • Jeffrey Wood
    Jeffrey Wood6 months ago

    Congratulations 🥳

  • Ray Lane
    Ray Lane6 months ago

    Love ya both. Always a pleasure to spend a few minutes watching your stories. Best wishes, following seas and fair winds!!

  • Roger Elzenga
    Roger Elzenga6 months ago

    Next time, just push the cork in ......

  • Richard Green
    Richard Green6 months ago

    Nerve racking!

  • Jeffrey Lawrence
    Jeffrey Lawrence6 months ago

    Its called island time :) so happy for you guys

  • Mark Dixon
    Mark Dixon6 months ago

    So pleased for you both. Being stuck like that has been such an emotional roller coaster. Life kind of gets put on as you can’t plain anything. Good luck for the start of the next chapter.

  • G Eckert
    G Eckert6 months ago

    You guys crushed it ! 😎

  • Rick Bartley
    Rick Bartley6 months ago

    You have been present, wherever you've been and the world is better for it. You are truly living life. Thanks for sharing.

  • Edward Falcetta
    Edward Falcetta6 months ago

    I cant believe its snowing up here in Wisconsin....

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago


  • Wander Lost Family
    Wander Lost Family6 months ago


  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell6 months ago

    Best advice stop predicting a melt down in advance, they will come on there own without the anxiety of imagining them :)

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson6 months ago

    Good luck 👍🍀 u guys.

  • Aaron Runalls
    Aaron Runalls6 months ago

    Congrats guys!

  • Yvonne Nystrom
    Yvonne Nystrom6 months ago

    So happy for you two!!! Safe travels and happy homecoming!!!!!

  • Stefanie Wheeler
    Stefanie Wheeler6 months ago

    “Looking for a soul mate” aren’t we all. Lol Good thing I found mine years ago. So happy for you guys!

  • rnupnorthbrrr SM
    rnupnorthbrrr SM6 months ago

    Even though I watched the Zatara side of this and new you had left their boat, it was fun to watch you finally getting to the plane !!! I know it has been a tough situation but it has been inspirational watching the sailing community come together to host you two and see that through our trials we can become stronger !!! Thanks for sharing your story and your triumph !!! Safe sailing ⛵️

  • Julie Robinson
    Julie Robinson6 months ago

    OMG Finally! Congratulations! Now drink wine when you are on your boat!

  • Uncle Max
    Uncle Max6 months ago

    As a Fijian, I’m so happy for you. Finally reuniting with your boat in Tonga. You are more than welcome to come back anytime to your second home Fiji. The work you have done in Fiji from beach cleanups to bringing awareness to the environmental issues is much appreciated.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Vinaka!! 💙💛💙

  • Daniel Oliver
    Daniel Oliver6 months ago

    Yeah buddy!

  • Alex Divov
    Alex Divov6 months ago

    I am soooo happy for you! Even so I won't let you cut my hair. lol

  • K OBrien
    K OBrien6 months ago

    Put it in a shoe and hit the bottom against a solid wall...whaaaat!....cork comes out enough for removal

  • Di O
    Di O6 months ago

    Hope you guys are ok! Just saw that there was just a 6.2 earthquake at Tonga! Let’s us know you are ok!❤️

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Nikki posted on social media yesterday that they're fine and the boat's fine. Follow GWTW on FB or IG for real-time updates! Curious Minion

  • Jennifer Lopesi
    Jennifer Lopesi6 months ago

    Wooooooooo!!! So happy for you guys! Couldn't help but get teary eyed watching this one. What a relief it must be. It's been amazing to watch your journey unfold in Fiji. So many special experiences. I'm looking forward to seeing you both back on Curiosity and onto the the next chapter

  • grant coones
    grant coones6 months ago

    A swab up the nose is easy. I have had 3 tests with , 1 swab. Middle, right and left of the throat. Then same swab up each nostril . The last one I had was just the 1 swab..... easy... peasy!

    BLKOUT6 months ago

    Good luck hope you make it

  • Paul Hartley
    Paul Hartley6 months ago

    Can’t believe how longs it’s been since I watched that video with you guys being stuck in a hotel and unable to go go. So happy for you.

  • PS we're on vacation
    PS we're on vacation6 months ago

    Thanks for the great adventure during these interesting times. New subscriber looking forward to your next adventures. P&S

  • BoscoBob
    BoscoBob6 months ago

    I hope that you both and SV Curiosity are safe. I just got the email alert about the 6.4 magnitude that hit Tonga.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Nikki posted on social media that they're fine and the boat's fine. Follow GWTW on FB or IG for real-time updates! Curious Minion

  • Elena Simon
    Elena Simon6 months ago

    Tonga just had a 6.9 earthquake. You guys okay?? 10:50 pm ET...9.30.20

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Nikki posted on social media that they're fine and the boat's fine. Follow GWTW on FB or IG for real-time updates! Curious Minion

  • californiakayaker N6GRG
    californiakayaker N6GRG6 months ago

    EARTHQUAKE TONGA 6.4 we need to check on the Wynns. Just Happened.

  • californiakayaker N6GRG

    californiakayaker N6GRG

    6 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns Not sure where that post was made. Not on this Facebook page,, which I follow, not on Twitter. Would like to know where that is ?

  • californiakayaker N6GRG

    californiakayaker N6GRG

    6 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns OK. When I posted, about 3 hours after the quake, nothing there, will look again.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Nikki posted on social media that they're fine and the boat's fine. Follow GWTW on FB or IG for real-time updates! Curious Minion

  • Judy Goodson
    Judy Goodson6 months ago

    I know you are so thankful that you can get back home to your own boat. Be safe and stay thankful for the goodness of strangers.

  • Arvid Nesvik
    Arvid Nesvik6 months ago

    Here's a little tip for you guys, next time you're stuck with a wine, without a opener 😉 Find a shoe with a rubber sole, then put the wine in the shoe at the heel, then tap it gently against a wall, or something hard. You have to do this vertical (sideways). Then wola, the cork will pop out because of the pressure inside the bottle 😉 And congratulations, finally back home ❤

  • Shirley DeWolf
    Shirley DeWolf6 months ago

    Watched this and cried tears of happiness for the two of you, but had to run out the door and hadn't commented, liked or shared. So here I am a few days letting you know that I am still thrilled for you both, Nikki and Jason. I am so happy for your happiness.

  • Sarah Marchuk
    Sarah Marchuk6 months ago

    Are you all ok? Saw Tonga just got hit by a large earthquake. Are you ok? Just said a prayer for you

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Nikki posted on social media this morning that they're fine and the boat's fine. Follow GWTW on FB or IG for real-time updates! Curious Minion

  • Curtis Creason
    Curtis Creason6 months ago


  • Tom Concitis
    Tom Concitis6 months ago

    One step at a time. Great job on getting the cork to cooperate

  • Michelle and Joe Goetz
    Michelle and Joe Goetz6 months ago

    Fabulous news! So excited to see what the future holds for you and your journey.

  • Rebecca Wells
    Rebecca Wells6 months ago

    God is good.....all the time.

  • Rebecca Wells
    Rebecca Wells6 months ago

    At Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariano Buitrago
    Mariano Buitrago6 months ago

    Is that the same apartment you've had since your arrival to Fiji? I guess you'd have to check out from it real quick, right?

  • Lori Gunter
    Lori Gunter6 months ago

    Ohmygoodness...I was tearing up as you stepped on the plane. Best wishes to you beautiful people. You leave sparkle wherever you go!

  • Francesca
    Francesca6 months ago

    You always tell your story so beautifully. I’m so happy for you both 💕

  • Hermes
    Hermes6 months ago

    Congrats, I guess there is no social distancing in that part of the world

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    We were all social distanced the whole time. 😎

  • Wallace McDonut
    Wallace McDonut6 months ago

    OMG this is awesome.

  • Betty-Lou Creamer
    Betty-Lou Creamer6 months ago

    So excited for you guys 🇨🇦

  • Dean Morgan
    Dean Morgan6 months ago

    Guys, have you arrived at your boat yet?? The suspense is killing my family and I.... warm regards Dean, Tasha & Tom.

  • R2robot
    R2robot6 months ago

    YAY! So happy for you!

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia6 months ago

    OK with all that money spent just to pick up your boat, couldn't you pay someone at Tonga to sail your boat to a place you could meet up to it?

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    The first problem is that the person sailing the boat out could not easily get back into Tonga & the Wynns would have to pay for their flight. 2nd, Curiosity is not in sailable condition. Prior to leaving Tonga the Wynns had dismantled several things in preparation for doing repairs and upgrades when they returned (like removing both fuel tanks). And 3rd, there’s also a crate of boat parts & supplies that they shipped over somewhere on Tonga that still needs to be claimed and unloaded. Curious Minion

  • Kamrul Ariffin Abdul Ghani
    Kamrul Ariffin Abdul Ghani6 months ago

    Glad that both of you getting near to your floating home. I'm hoping my floating home will come one day.

  • Katie Baker
    Katie Baker6 months ago

    ALL the feels watching this video. And you guys lucked out on the covid testing-- in the US they are making us do BOTH nostrils!

  • Danny Fasa
    Danny Fasa6 months ago

    I enjoyed the video, must’ve been a stressful time for you both. - FYI the “G” in Tonga is silent. Ton-nga

  • Parrish Floyd
    Parrish Floyd6 months ago

    I knew something was up when y’all left the Whits. Yay!!!!!! So happy for you both! Love y’all.

  • R. v.Erven
    R. v.Erven6 months ago

    Safe trip back

  • lalo the barber
    lalo the barber6 months ago

    Yeeeehaaahhh!! So happy that you guys are going home. Congrats!! Watching you guys from west texas.❤

  • Les Bentley
    Les Bentley6 months ago

    Wow! I'm so freakin happy for you guys! I've watched yall for a year now and found myself smiling through this whole video. Thanks for sharing and taking me along.

  • KBro05
    KBro056 months ago

    That’s awesome! So happy for you both. It’s been a long time coming with so many adventures in between. Now come on Thailand let Sailing Nahoa go home!

  • Cliffepoos
    Cliffepoos6 months ago

    I hope you have no more probelms getting back home. Good luck.

  • 1264bells
    1264bells6 months ago

    Tears of happiness for you guys

  • myk55501
    myk555016 months ago

    Hey, not to be a wet blanket don't you think its time to head the boat home? Most of the places ahead are shut down. MYK

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Ha, we are half way around the world friend. Sailing back to the USA isn't an option. It took us 2 years to get this far. It isn't a simple road trip.

  • Mark Corboy
    Mark Corboy6 months ago

    Can’t imagine how stoked you guys are now

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Meh, little bit. 😆

  • Tea S
    Tea S6 months ago


  • john
    john6 months ago

    I have seen people look so ugly in their mask. I hope this will be the new norm.

  • Sarge Paulsen
    Sarge Paulsen6 months ago

    You two rule !! Glad you are finally getting closer to being on your boat !!! Thanks for bringing all of us with you ..

  • Tim Gay
    Tim Gay6 months ago

    It's a shame to see that the locals can't even be bothered to do a beach clean up but yet foreigners are doing clean ups... hmmm The joys of opening a bottle of wine with a cork when you do not have a bottle opener. There are no flights happening here in Melbourne Australia yet and most shops are still shut, we are just coming out of stage 4 lockdown.

  • Robert Arroyo
    Robert Arroyo6 months ago

    I'm so happy for you guys.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan6 months ago

    You guys like too many comments. I like that you started adding the segment bookmarks. It’s lucky that this happened to you. Gives you great content. Let’s you naturally be more ‘real’ which is a important thing these days. Zatara also helped with that. You could easily take all your content, repackage it a bit, make a timeline of videos now that you know the end (or will know). Or make a 45 min special of the COVID stuff. Share positive aspects and the negative but overall it’s a good message. I could see CNN airing a series like this. For sure. Take zatara’s footage and maybe one more group or family and their experiences during this. The 45 min special could be a introduction and then maybe CNN picks up a whole series. Pays you to... sail the world with Zatara. Combining the footage from both you guys, as a editor, I could make a series out of that easily. You could sell a version to CNN (I worked on declassified with them) (and another doc I did will be on Netflix soon called Bending The Arc which is about Partners in Health. They do amazing work all over the world in places nobody pays attention to. Google them) anyway sell a version to CNN and make one geared for young adults/teens that airs on natgeo Saturday’s. Or really just the one cnn special could drive enough promotion for both channels to go well over a million subscribers. I think people prefer USplan. I do. I pay $150 a month for AT&T’s Tv service and box and I haven’t turned it on in six months. I’m too scared to call to cancel it. They’re mean!

  • Keith Collins
    Keith Collins6 months ago

    Congratulations on your grit and determination under the most difficult of conditions. Not only are you making your goal of reaching 'home' but you've touched lives along the way.

  • Angela Werp
    Angela Werp6 months ago

    Literal tears. So excited for you!

  • Doug MacLeod
    Doug MacLeod6 months ago

    Congratulations!! 🍾🎊🎉

  • Jayson Cody
    Jayson Cody6 months ago

    They forgot to tell you about the nanogel on the tip of the swab !

  • Claire Hellam
    Claire Hellam6 months ago

    Yay! I'm happy for you guys!!

  • Melissa Slate
    Melissa Slate6 months ago

    So happy for you guys❤️ safe travels

  • dodge y dodge
    dodge y dodge6 months ago

    yay, great news, will hopefully see some curiosity soon . peace and much love guys :) btw - just purchased nysekf a Ugo phone 2.0 + the heroclip thing. I dont even need one but you sold it well and i convinced myself that being a biker, mooching around the UK in the perpetual wetness ill find a use :) (WYNNS promo code used ;) thanks

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Awesome! You won't be sorry & all your stuff will be dry as a... biscuit? Crisp? Anyway, it'll be dry. 😁 Use it in good health.

  • RVstreet
    RVstreet6 months ago

    Here I am eating my outstanding dinner my wife made me-chicken bryan-and when I saw that shot of the plane going over the water with the propeller blades showing.....tears came to my eyes. I'm so, so, so happy for you two. I've been praying for you two. Thank you Lord..You guys have such a gift for story telling.

  • Vertigo Bridge
    Vertigo Bridge6 months ago

    OMG, finally!!! I teared up seeing this video. So happy for you. I guess in real time you're working on the boat updates. Can't wait to see you back on your own boat.

  • docsheffield
    docsheffield6 months ago

    Nice UGO commercial. It sure is good that you two don't make a living based on your acting. LOL. I'm so glad you are going home! I can't imagine what this was like for ya'll.

  • Donna Kawana
    Donna Kawana6 months ago

    Can't Wait to see you guys on ya boat!!! Then splash down...Woooo Hoooo!!❤💪😊⛵🌴🌞❗

  • rodrod5000
    rodrod50006 months ago

    Heading home to your boat as cyclone seasons begins? Will you stay on the hard for the next seven months or so? Will you be done with all of your repairs in that amount of time and them be able to get back on the water as cruising season begins? Wishing you all the best - truly!! Thanks for the great vids too!!

  • rodrod5000


    6 months ago

    Gone with the Wynns The crate was out in the rain - oh - that's upsetting to hear. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the info.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    6 months ago

    Yep, the timing isn't great with cyclone season, but what else are you going to do??? I'm sure they're making that assessment now, as they just got released from 21 days of quarantine. They need to get Curiosity all cleaned up first & run checks on all the systems. Then there's a crate of boat parts somewhere on Vava'u that sat out in the rain for weeks during monsoon season. It needs to be unpacked & sorted to see what survived. Based on what survived they can start to make a plan for repairs and how long they'll need to stay on the hard. And their insurer will have something to say about it all too. Stay tuned! Curious Minion

  • Eduardo Alvarez
    Eduardo Alvarez6 months ago

    Nikki IPhone 11 Max any discount for us? Happy you are getting home...Hope Curiosity don’t give problems, so many months out of the water

  • Allen Heaps
    Allen Heaps6 months ago

    six months in and still trash to be picked up! Amazing and sad at the same time! Honestly had tears of joy for you guys at the confirmation text line.The wine and hair cut part was way too cute! Loved the check in line at the airport, just right lol. Talk about a freedom flight, so happy for you two!! Made me want go fly somewhere, really miss being about to travel particularly on a cruise ship! Malo e lelei, well come to the Kingdon of Tonga

  • Tom Wagstaff
    Tom Wagstaff6 months ago

    I have enjoyed your adventures and very happy to see you headed back to the boat. Laughed out loud when someone got COVID-19 test, not naming any names but HIS cat like reaction priceless. However took COVID-19 test this morning and I was even worse! I have crossed the Atlantic by ship and I’m truly amazed at you guys in the boat. Stay safe and keep posting.

  • Rink Rinker
    Rink Rinker6 months ago


  • Amanda Key
    Amanda Key6 months ago

    Yay!!! So happy for y’all!