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#BoatLife #Storm #Sailing
The year 2020 will go down as many things, but I never expected to add two cyclones in one week to the hit list (Yasa & Zazu). Much less for it to be the same week we splashed our sailboat after being stranded for a year because of a pandemic. Welcome back, sailors?!
I mean seriously, who needs fiction when you have 2020. I can’t make this stuff up!
We have worked like mad dogs, for three months straight, refitting our sailboat. “All we have to do is get in the water. We’ll take a break once we’re in the water.” These are the phrases we have uttered to ourselves repeatedly. Little did we know the initiation Mother Nature had in store for us.
We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.
Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:
00:00 Pouring Buckets & Intro
01:00 Splash Day & Final Boat Projects
03:57 Jason's Losing It!!!
05:07 Launching our Catamaran With a Tractor
06:11 Engines Work? Are We Floating or Sinking?
09:08 Home Sweet Home (Mooring)
11:07 First Boat Problem - Dinghy Winch
14:28 Our Plan Is Blown Away
15:15 A Cyclone is Coming
16:13 Our Cyclone Plan
19:37 No Generator, No Watermaker
20:07 Tropical Storm is Here
22:31 Winds are Building
23:38 Is the Storm Over?
24:50 It's a Cyclone and it's Here!
28:28 New Top Wind Speed Record
29:34 2 Cyclones in 1 Week?!?
30:34 We're Taking a Break & Bye Bye 2020
31:37 Bloopers
#BoatLife #Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #Sailboats
© Gone With the Wynns 2020


  • Gone with the Wynns
    Gone with the Wynns3 months ago

    Hello Everyone! There is some debate about how we tied up to our mooring ball in this video and we wanted to clear up the questions. Here’s the video link at the moment we start tying up: WE DID IT WRONG! We attached to our crossbeam which is not meant for taking heavy loads (i.e. heavy winds/weather). We should have attached to our bridal (which is a pain the butt to attach to a mooring on our boat…aka, we were being lazy). We underestimated Mother Nature. We based our preparations too strongly on the weather predictions. We did not follow that age old adage: _Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best!_ We expected 30 knots or so of wind and a small tropical storm. The system sat on top of Vava’u for nearly 2 days while it built and formed into a category one cyclone (named ZAZU). Fortunately, we learned this lesson without any consequence. When the winds started building to 40-knots we knew we were under-secured to our mooring. We did man the helm and continuously checked our holding. Once Tropical Cyclone ZAZU passed, in preparation for tropical cyclone YASA (a category 4 cyclone), we beefed up our holding to the mooring. Which we showed on our Instagram stories (@the_wynns) under the cyclone highlights. Here’s what we did to beef up our holding in preparation for the big cyclone: *Main Lines*: 2 Lines run to the anchor bridal ring. 2 slacked lines run to the outside forward cleats with chafe guard. *1st Backup*: Large Anchor line tied to mooring chain (3 links below the shackle) attached at anchor bridal ring. *2nd Backup*: Slacked lines to the crossbeam We suggest if you’re prepping for a cyclone you should discuss techniques with your boat manufacturer and talk to the local boaters as they may have insight that’s worth consideration.

  • Donna Kawana

    Donna Kawana

    Month ago

    You guys are brilliant !!!

  • MikeyTube100


    3 months ago

    Oops! Had to take my own advice! Re-watched end of this vid. They taking break too. My naughty!

  • MikeyTube100


    3 months ago

    Hmm... either slow upload or someone forgot to hit "PUBLISH" on new video. Will come back tomorrow.

  • MikeyTube100


    3 months ago

    @robert jones Zatara took holidays off... see their last video.

  • robert jones

    robert jones

    3 months ago

    glad all is well on a boat i be worried . and on that note have you heard from zatara ? have seen anything in awhile

  • Stanfran
    StanfranDay ago

    It was a sleepless night ;)

  • Dave Bartlett
    Dave Bartlett2 days ago

    You are living the Dream! Congratulations on doing more than just existing like most of us. I only remember what my Dad told me about 60 yrs ago though... " A boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into."... Happy trails!

  • Tariq Mansoor
    Tariq Mansoor3 days ago

    May be its too late to comment on this video but hope this will still finds you. I just wanted to let you know that the life you are living on this boat particularly, despite of all odds (which you think are) is a life that can not even be imagined by the richests in our country. SO DON'T EVEN THINK OF CRYING, JUST ENJOY AND THANK ALL MIGHTY ALLAH WHO BESTOWED YOU WITH SUCH OPPORTUNITIES TO LIVE SUCH A WONDERFUL, ACTIVE AND ADVENTURE LIFE LETTING YOU ROAM ALL AROUND.

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown6 days ago

    Love U 2!!! Great couple!!! So positive! We are boaters also and U give us the confidence and Hope we need with our boat!!!

  • Anne Macleod
    Anne Macleod9 days ago

    A reminder that the romance of sailing is blinkin’ hard work! 🇳🇿🇳🇿🐑🐑🤗🤗🤣 So educative relieved you weren’t out on the ocean! That bay served you well.

  • Bernard Kariuki
    Bernard Kariuki11 days ago

    I think, I just landed here after watching team Zatara basically flip a coin and dodge Yasa. Im not watching anything in order(except for Rick n morty I never follow any order to shows, just wherever whoever was watching left off) so I just saw that yesterday and these are from 2020. Anyway, its an interesting coincidence.

  • Cj Herrington
    Cj Herrington11 days ago

    You 2 are so cute, I just love your videos better than tv!!

  • K It
    K It14 days ago

    When will you be able to repair or replace your generator so you can make water if you need it? I’m a waterholic, I would worry about relying on the rain! So much work you do on the boat but so smart & knowledgeable!! ❤️❤️⛵️

  • K It

    K It

    13 days ago

    @Gone with the Wynns lol you always call me a Curious Minion!! 🤪😋😆

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    13 days ago

    Not until they get to NZ or Australia. Wanh wanh. Curious Minion

  • Norman Cook
    Norman Cook17 days ago

    just joined you on board...wher are you as of April 1st? What are your travel plans? North South? East coast West?

  • Tree Climber
    Tree Climber18 days ago

    And I thot my Camper Trailer gave me Fits !! At least it won’t Sink 🙏🏼

  • Shelby Coon
    Shelby Coon23 days ago

    you closed your eyes while wearing a mask as the water was thrown at you. LOL

  • Stormzy Coinlife
    Stormzy Coinlife23 days ago

    I just bumped on your channel from following La Vagabonde, you guys seem to paint a much more realistic view on this kind of adventure, and btw your misses looks like Elisabeth Hurley when she was smoking hot!

  • magiscichoam
    magiscichoam26 days ago

    Recommendation from a long time Director, filmmaker & photographer; invest in a camera strap.

  • Joseph arsenault
    Joseph arsenault27 days ago

    You guys always happy I don’t think so go to Goodwill great day learning a lot thank you

  • vilster pedersen
    vilster pedersen28 days ago


  • Desde Mi Cocina By Wanda
    Desde Mi Cocina By Wanda28 days ago

    Love your sense of humor!!!

  • Moj Mojmoj
    Moj Mojmoj29 days ago

    Really! Just 1min of cylon and the whole befor and after well as any other video 2 h of intro etc.

  • Gary Pascoe
    Gary PascoeMonth ago

    Wow.. u made me tear up ! Happy it went well. Love your channel!

  • ZAK-MAD Vlogs
    ZAK-MAD VlogsMonth ago

    Hi James & Nikki. I'm really wondering ? You're living in/on rhe sea and you're still eating the dough ?? How this!! If I was in your place everyday from fishing and eating only 🐟 meat. Come on guys you arf the best and wish to hit the jackpot of 1M. God bless you.

  • juan manuel
    juan manuelMonth ago

    You both are great! Regards from Veracruz, Mexico

  • SkyEarthOcean
    SkyEarthOceanMonth ago

    Did you guys used to go around in an RV?

  • SkyEarthOcean


    Month ago

    ​@Gone with the Wynns Yeah, I vaguely remember seeing one of their vids when I was looking into RV living. And I ended up living part-time on a boat for a while, great minds I guess.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    Yes they did, and all those vids are still up if you're looking for something to binge! Sort by "oldest first" on YT or click on the RV tab on the blog. Curious Minion

  • Mark Fisher
    Mark FisherMonth ago

    I dream about going on the water my whole life but I'm 60 years old don't see it happing now. Guess it will just be a dream event got my passport

  • L. S.
    L. S.Month ago

    You have the prettiest outfits. Love that blouse and red dress. Where did you get it? If online you can help us and make some money with links🤗

  • Rathernot Disclose
    Rathernot DiscloseMonth ago

    For reference; even the weakest category hurricane can have winds in the low 80s

  • Memories of World Traveler
    Memories of World TravelerMonth ago

    What a beautiful informative video, Thank you for sharing!

  • Brittsa 1963
    Brittsa 1963Month ago

    But, at least you're NOT cold 👍😃😃😃. YIKES, HOLD ON 😂😂🙏🙏

  • mrnickbig1
    mrnickbig1Month ago

    I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter.

  • GL Clark
    GL ClarkMonth ago

    This is what BOAT Means, Bust Out Another Thousand $$$$$$$ I also learned that the hard way 😞

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin TuckerMonth ago

    At 4:50 That’s a perfect rendition of a man that owns and operates a boat...

  • TexanUSMC8089
    TexanUSMC8089Month ago

    The more you watch the storm the worse it gets. All you can do is prepare, then go play cards or something. Just ride it out.

  • tourdogg
    tourdoggMonth ago

    Great life you have there! Stay safe and happy

  • Annette Hudson
    Annette HudsonMonth ago

    Good luck guys but be VERY CAREFUL this year will be like none other. CRAZY WEATHER LEARN HOW TO PRAY FOR PROTECTION. Have a wonderful life😁❤️🙏

  • steve duman
    steve dumanMonth ago

    4:15 yeah!!. tell me about it !.. I hear you, my friend.

  • David Rayburn
    David RayburnMonth ago

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    qdrkhairumMonth ago


  • Kevin Tibballs
    Kevin TibballsMonth ago

    BOAT = Bout another Thousand

  • Ken Schauer
    Ken SchauerMonth ago


  • David Weeks
    David WeeksMonth ago

    Yep, the small ones are fun. Thank God most of them are small ones. David, from Tampa.

  • David Callard
    David CallardMonth ago

    I really enjoy following your travails and travels - from my wheelchair!😊 ... Many moons ago I was a pro photographer working as a photojournalist and other fields. There was one short scene in this video when I gasped in fear! That was when I saw you holding your expensive camera and lens in one hand while on deck in a cyclone and not a neck strap to be seen! I know opinions vary widely from one photographer to the next about the merits of wearing a neck strap and I guess it finally boils down to what you can afford to loose. I often carried about $7000 around my neck and I definitely could not afford to put it at unnecessary risk so I learned early on to wear my strap whenever practical and yes, there are times when it's not but as a general rule I wore mine. I can tell you that the practice saved my cameras - I often carried two - from certain total loss a few times. A few pros seem to think of an insurance claim as some kind of status symbol but I certainly wasn't one of that elite! I only offer you my experience in case it may be helpful. As far as wearing a neck strap is concerned I would always recommend that you use the one that comes with the camera first because it's tailored specifically to that camera but if you have to buy one avoid the narrow ones and remember that strength and durability are the key requisites. As for adjusting the strap that's a personal preference but I used to wear my cameras at waist level because I found that position made for instant access to the camera and also allowed sufficient length of the strap so as not to impede movement. Well that's my helpful tip FWIW ! I'm looking forward to hearing what decision you make re Australia or NZ - either country will make you feel welcome !

  • J R
    J RMonth ago

    7:28 Guy's, if I were you, I'd have cheap camera's permanently mounted to all the potential water leak spots you show here, with little LED lights for illumination, just for peace of mind. They also make water alarms that will alert you if.... the unthinkable! Do you have a "fix" for all the potential leaks? Like that stuff that seals under water?

  • David Moody
    David MoodyMonth ago

    I am a new sub and y’all have a beautiful life and thank you for sharing with us.

  • budsbus TBI
    budsbus TBIMonth ago

    the first time you help someone new with the problums you have delt with it will feel good that you know how!!!!

  • Maryj
    MaryjMonth ago

    LOL! 😆 “my pants are falling off...”

  • Maryj
    MaryjMonth ago

    How do you know someone didn’t climb up in there and exchange their rusted out starter for your working starter? Frankly I don’t trust leaving my stuff with anyone without supervision.

  • Maryj


    Month ago

    @Gone with the Wynns thats good to know.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    Month ago

    The islands are pretty safe places with good, honest people. It is a gated yard with 24/7 security. On top of that, very, very little crime here. The boat and the gene are 15 years old. So things are aging naturally...including the starter. 🙃

  • Pedirka
    Pedirka2 months ago

    I can feel it. One step forward, two steps back. Geez you guys are resilient!

  • Milan Petrovich
    Milan Petrovich2 months ago

    Congratulations on making it all the way back!

  • Joel Chipp
    Joel Chipp2 months ago

    Glad to see yall back in the water and by todays date you have filmed more, i have almost caught up so :// good in one way but means i will not see a bunch of yall like i have been. Hope yall had a marry Christmas and a happy new year. see you in the next one.

  • Nature and Outdoors
    Nature and Outdoors2 months ago

    You guys are awesome, keep it up. It takes a lot of effort to keep this lifestyle.

  • DammitJanet
    DammitJanet2 months ago

  • Karma
    Karma2 months ago

    Brand new viewer. Dam that looks hard and so frustrating mentally, physically and emotionally. But, let me say that again, BUUUT you're living the dream. Anything else better than the dream; family, friends and the love of your life. Which you have all right there with you. I peeked to see if your videos in the future are on the water. Living the dream ;). I wish the best memory making moments of your lives. May the wind always be in your favor and may the water nourish your souls. - Karma

  • Fjord Driver
    Fjord Driver2 months ago

    4:14 Soooo, it's exactly like day trading stocks. Interesting.

  • James Thomson
    James Thomson2 months ago

    Well done!

  • Ernest
    Ernest2 months ago

    Jason & Nikki's minds are starting to break. fist step to being a real sailor, the ocean breaks you down and builds you back up. Keep it up!

  • Sandy J
    Sandy J2 months ago

    Nikki you sound like a scientist reading out the cyclone plan 😂

  • Donna Lemmo
    Donna Lemmo2 months ago

    I just had the best 33 minutes watching your video....not only did I get to spend time anchored during a cyclone but I had a throughly enjoyable subscriber to your channel and thanks for the intro to Tonga and boating with Gone with the Wynns.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Welcome Aboard! 💙💛💙

  • Robert FromOC
    Robert FromOC2 months ago

    The most fun I ever had was sailing my NACRA 5.8 catamaran in Long Beach harbor (aka Hurricane Alley) during the Santa Ana Winds, which makes it extra hairy sailing. I had a rooster tail wake behind the boat like a speed boat. Went out twice in it.

  • Brandon w Tiner
    Brandon w Tiner2 months ago

    what kimd of boat do you have?

  • connie howe
    connie howe2 months ago

    🙏🙏prayers for you guys to stay safe

  • marina brizard
    marina brizard2 months ago

    what is the model of your catamaran? I loved the video, good winds always!

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    2 months ago

    Everything you always wanted to know about Curiosity is here! Curious Minion

  • T0rPid_BeatLab
    T0rPid_BeatLab2 months ago

    1:17 . You're insane bringing those things.

  • Nic Charlez
    Nic Charlez3 months ago

    i"ve seen hundreds of your episodes before, however it is my opinion that Nicky is superficial and aggressive forwards her spouse . Agree to disagree but she is money driven. let see what happens in the future ??

  • Shannon Harper
    Shannon Harper3 months ago

    Stomach in knots from a cyclone or uti? We will never know! 😆

  • Steve Turansky
    Steve Turansky3 months ago

    How sure of that mooring were you? Sometimes your own tackle is better if there's space and you are allowed to anchor. Hope you dive inspected it as so many boats have gotten damged from bad moorings failing.

  • Sunshine Catcher
    Sunshine Catcher3 months ago

    new viewing loving it, Cant afford a boat so letting someone else live my dreams :)

  • kong3
    kong33 months ago

    Remember from a looong time boater a boat is a hole to throw money in.

  • AfricanFlightStar
    AfricanFlightStar3 months ago

    Well done for powering through all those boat projects (geeze, they are NEVER ENDING! 😆) Anyway, nice to see you finally back on the water, good baptize back into boat life lol All the best for this new year 😁👍🏻🙏🏻

  • David Emanuelson
    David Emanuelson3 months ago

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  • The Hawaiian Redneck
    The Hawaiian Redneck3 months ago

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    Mark Egg3 months ago

    Were you ready to start the engines, and move forward if you broke lose?

  • AB
    AB3 months ago

    wow.... scary, plenty scary... glad all is good.... happy to see you are back in the water. be safe, enjoy!!!!

  • BostonClipper
    BostonClipper3 months ago

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  • Allan Fifield
    Allan Fifield3 months ago

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  • Michael Holliday
    Michael Holliday3 months ago

    We are waiting with baited breach for the next video, but rest is important for Nikki and Jason...

  • Eddy Hart
    Eddy Hart3 months ago

    Where are you all??

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    3 months ago

    Tonga, Vava'u

  • Paul Barnett
    Paul Barnett3 months ago

    We miss the videos and updates

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    3 months ago

    I know, but on average they spend about 60 hours a week working on this content and everything needed to support it, so taking 2 weeks off is a well-deserved break. They'll be back Sunday. Curious Minion

  • Shadow Of Pain
    Shadow Of Pain3 months ago

    Are they ok, MIA.

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    3 months ago

    They said at the end of the video that they were going to take a short vacay and be back after the first of the year. On average, they spend about 60 hours a week working on this content and everything needed to support it, so taking 2 weeks off is a well-deserved break. They'll be back Sunday. Curious Minion

  • Henry Drew
    Henry Drew3 months ago

    Where have the Wynns gone??

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    3 months ago

    They're took a short vacation - be back this Sunday! Curious Minion

  • Vladimir F
    Vladimir F3 months ago

    All the good in the year 2021! Seven feet under your keel!

  • Jeff Bradburn
    Jeff Bradburn3 months ago

    What a way to finish out 2020 with a little cyclone. Looking forward to some sailing videos this year. Best of luck and happy new years!

  • Sabre Tom
    Sabre Tom3 months ago

    Electrical connectors/salt water. Nuff said. To give myself a little extra wire, I’ll take a few wraps around a screwdriver before putting on the connector.

  • tinchina85
    tinchina853 months ago

    BTW, how's your friend that you raised money for so he could get his medication! Is he doing okay? Teresa

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    3 months ago

    Mark is doing great! He is regularly receiving his medication and he made it through the cyclone just fine. Curious Minion

  • tinchina85
    tinchina853 months ago

    SO cool to see you guys on open water again! :) You must be ecstatic!

  • McNally Yacht Sales
    McNally Yacht Sales3 months ago

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  • Sai Pierre
    Sai Pierre3 months ago

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    michael scarano3 months ago

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  • spelled341
    spelled3413 months ago

    This is THE best sailing channel, very educational for people like me still only dreaming about sailing... you guys talk about the all boring stuff as well and I appreciate that you keep it professional and classy by not doing the tired old thumbnail baiting with butt/boob shots I see so often on other boating youtubers. Since I started binging from the start I noticed production value improved a LOT, also you guys seem overall happier and more relaxed now, not sure if that's because you got more used to being in front of the camera or if its a side effect of living the boat life, lol! Thanks for the hard work and keep rocking!

  • Crafty Owl
    Crafty Owl3 months ago

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  • Crafty Owl
    Crafty Owl3 months ago

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  • Rob Collins
    Rob Collins3 months ago

    I hope and trust this email finds you in good order, I became worried when you missed 2 weeks of videos, I know you told us it would be a week off, hoping you decided on 2 weeks,

  • Rob Collins

    Rob Collins

    3 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns great, that's what I was hoping,

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    3 months ago

    They left it open, saying they'll be back "after the New Year" so even I don't know when the next vid will come out. You didn't miss anything though and they are fine - enjoying their down time. Curious Minion

  • FalconXE302
    FalconXE3023 months ago

    Happy new year to both of you...

  • Luiz Bertuol
    Luiz Bertuol3 months ago

    hi guys, I'm happy you are sailing again. good winds....Could you let me know the Mark's contact in SA, maybe I will have a short job for a Captan like Mark. thanks

  • Luiz Bertuol

    Luiz Bertuol

    3 months ago

    @Gone with the Wynns thanks

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

    3 months ago

    Mark is still in Fiji at the moment.....

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    Corozal Shoe3 months ago

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    jim drake3 months ago

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    Debra Hall3 months ago

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    Charlie Hall3 months ago

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    David Foran3 months ago

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  • Gone with the Wynns

    Gone with the Wynns

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  • David Foran

    David Foran

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  • David Foran

    David Foran

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    nemo2273 months ago

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    Go Leafs Go3 months ago

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